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Class Clown

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Class Clown album cover
Class Clown
Wasting Time: Sharing a Swallow
Values: How Much is That Dog Crap in the Window?
I Used to be Irish Catholic
The Confessional
Special Dispensation: Heaven, Hell, Purgatory and Limbo
Heavy Mysteries
Muhammad Ali-America The Beautiful
Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television
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Total Tracks: 9   Total Length: 47:21

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Formative and Funny


George Carlin is likely considered an acquired taste by many, but "Class Clown" is certainly well known even by his critics for the infamous "Seven Words You can Never Say on Television" bit. Although in 1972 he probably didn't see HBO specials in his future where that was no longer an issue, his grasp of the subtleties of language and keen observational humor wasn't really diluted by his--ah--colorful language.

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Always the best!


Hilarious fun! Always the best at making me laugh!

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A must have


His comedy is timeless as he proves on this record. Many of the situations he talks about are still frighteningly relevant today, just the names have changed. Get this and laugh your a** off.

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he is missed...


George had knack for capturing humanity's oddities and quirks and helping us to see 'ourselves'. This was the album that got passed around and played when the parents were not around. Ahh, the memories and what's more: this is STILL FUNNY!!

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One of the greats


Truely one of the greatest comedic minds ever. He will be sorely missed. Luckily his stories have been captured for the ages. Carlin will never really die. Ever.

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So'long Hophead! You been with lots-o conversations.........." ...just like Carlin sais...." every day something usually reminds me of your Realism mixed with many a colored little pills. Started with St'Josephs for children. Hastalah Vista Baby!!!!!!!!!!!

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My hero


I used to listen to this on my turntable, in the dark, late at night with headphones on so my parents wouldn't hear. I would snicker away muffling laughs doing the flashlight under the sheets to read the album cover. I still have it. I never thought he'd go this quick - the saying only the good die young just seems like it didn't fit him. He will be sorely missed. George, I hope you got your 2 Minute Warning. I hope you got to say what ever it was you wanted to say right before you said, "And if I'm wrong may God strike me dead!". Dude, we're left with so little now. At last you and Lenny Bruce can share billing...

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How are the mighty fallen!

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George Carlin, R.I.P.


Thought you'd live forever, you were larger than life. Who will pick up where you left off? 6/23/08

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Rest in peace old friend.

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Comedian George Carlin’s definitive monologue was delivered on 1972′s Class Clown album in the form of “Seven Dirty Words You Can Never Say on Television.” While the majority of routines on Class Clown dealt with Carlin’s self examination surrounding his Irish Catholic upbringing, he saved his controversial tour de force as the album’s grand finale. The record buying public embraced the album; however, the FCC and Supreme Court held the routine as the epitome of tastelessness, threatening to yank the license of any station that dare play it over public airwaves. George Carlin ran with the torch Lenny Bruce lit a decade earlier and much to Carlin’s credit, he put the dirty word issue together in a more concise and universal manner; something that, at times, escaped hipster Bruce. Class Clown was reissued on CD by Atlantic in 2000. – Al Campbell

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