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Hell Among The Yearlings

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Hell Among The Yearlings album cover
Caleb Meyer
Good Til Now
The Devil Had A Hold Of Me
My Morphine
One Morning
Miner's Refrain
Honey Now
I'm Not Afraid To Die
Rock Of Ages
Whiskey Girl
Winter's Come And Gone
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Total Tracks: 11   Total Length: 38:58

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When Gillian Welch sings a lyric, it's believable. She's a maestro, and though this album isn't a favorite of mine in regards to style and content, it's well worth the download because of her mastery of the form.

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Another First For Me ...


... first Gillian Welch album that is, which I got about 4 months ago. I have listened to it quite heavily since and have enjoyed getting to know her other work too. Personal favorite here is track 9, "Rock of Ages". No, it's not the old hymn.

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Gillian Welch + David Rawlings = Gold


Caleb Mayer is a perfect example for me of why these two are such a fierce pairing. Gillian Welch holds an excellent groove and Rawlings seemlessly slinks his flat picking through it. And that's to say nothing of Ms. Welch's vocals which are, it may perhaps go without saying, one of a kind.

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Not her strongest work


Of her records, I would recommend "Time" and "Revival" ahead of this one. The musicianship is always exemplary, but lyrical urgency is missing compared to her other offerings. I am waiting anxiously for her next record, though. It has been entirely too long since she recorded one.

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Conestoga Gal


I can't help but think of Gillian as being that gal holding the reins all the way across the US singing her tunes back in the 1800's in a Conestoga wagon. It wouldn't matter who the feller was workin' cattle or whatever he was doin' on his horse all day- he knew at the end of his day - he was gonna get to sit at the campfire with the best damn cowgirl singer in the country when he got done and it motivated him to work that much harder to get done. No doubt he would be hummin' some of those dad burn catchy tunes all day long and thankin' the good Lord he had such a gal and he wasn't afraid to die for her at all.

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Heavenly Music


I downloaded 'Hell Among the Yearlings' and 'Revival' at the same time(They both will fit on a single 80 min CD). After listening to 'Time the Revelator I figured it was a no lose proposition. I am entranced by Gillian Welch. While none of her music is flashy or in your face it all gets under your skin. I find myself listening to these over and over. I turned my neighbor onto them also and she says the same. Hell Among the Yearlings/Revival was on her stereo when I had dinner there the other night. Fabulous music! Get your hands on it by any means necessary.

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Hell Among the Yearlings


I agree with the UK bit - it's so frustrating - come on e-music - get it sorted!!

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Splendid, (so I'm told)


I'm getting really pissed off at not being able to download tracks just because I'm in the UK! I can buy the CD, why can't I download the track?

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country classic


rare true talent. download whole thing!

They Say All Music Guide

Lacking some of the focus that made her debut album so stunning, Hell Among the Yearlings is nevertheless a thoroughly satisfying second album from Gillian Welch. Instead of backing away from the rustic folkiness of Revival, Welch deepens her bleak, clear-eyed world view, which makes her spare, old-timey arrangements all the more powerful. On occasion, the performances and songs are a bit too studied to be truly effective, but those moments are fleeting — Hell Among the Yearlings offers ample proof that Welch is a talented, individual songwriter and that her debut was no fluke. – Thom Owens