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Time (The Revelator)

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Time (The Revelator) album cover
My First Lover
Dear Someone
Red Clay Halo
April The 14th Part 1
I Want To Sing That Rock And Roll
Elvis Presley Blues
Ruination Day
Everything Is Free
I Dream A Highway
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 51:34

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Peter Blackstock


Peter Blackstock was co-founder/co-editor of No Depression magazine from 1995-2008. He is co-author of SXSW Scrapbook (Essex Press, 2011), an informal history o...more »

Gillian Welch, Time (The Revelator)
Label: Acony Records

In retrospect, this record's darker themes seem to echo with the gravity of 9/11, though in fact it was released a few weeks before that fateful day. Coincidental prescience aside, Time (The Revelator) stands as Gillian Welch's crowning achievement to date, loaded with emotionally resonant lyricism lit afire by the brilliant musicianship of her partner David Rawlings. Previous albums proved Welch's mastery of traditional form and feel; on Revelator, she and Rawlings struck a more… read more »

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Front Row


Deeply and achingly beautiful. Vast talent and the harshness of life combine again to give us this. This is a glorious alchemy. Thank you Gillian and your very talented band.

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feelings standing still in the moment


sometimes soft music comes at you like a freight train

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A Revelation


Has anyone performed a more perfect song than "Revelator." That is not a question. It is a revelation.

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If you like the whole "chick with a guitar" genre, you have to get Gillian Welch! A great sassy voice with a strong storytelling ability. The album has some serious, introspective songs, but also some that like to move and have fun. Altogether, a very dynamic enjoyable album.

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Few do it better


Gillian Welch is a rare artist who does what she does almost always flawlessly. I can't say I've always liked everything she's done - her melancholy style (even the more upbeat numbers sound melancholy) doesn't always appeal to me - but I can say that whatever she's done has been top quality and sounds true. This is my favorite of her albums. Really, really great.

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I was introduced to this album four years ago, and only really dug into it last year...I missed out on so much for a decade. The writing is shockingly good.

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good as it gets


it bears repeated listenings, to say the least.

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This album gets better with each listen. Gillian has a really warm feminine tone that I find totally engrossing. Each track is cracker.

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brilliant and beautiful


I used to hate country music, until albums like this made me realize how narrow-minded that was. This is a spare and beautiful masterpiece, where nothing is over-done. I often listen to the last track twice, because it ends too soon.

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Another really good album.


I have only recently discovered Gillian Welch, and to date have not listened to a track that I have not liked.

They Say All Music Guide

Gillian Welch’s third album, Time (The Revelator), finds the folk vocalist and musician shifting her attention from achingly beautiful mountain ballads to achingly beautiful pop/rock ballads. Regarding this album, Welch states: “As opposed to being little tiny folk songs or traditional songs, they’re really tiny rock songs. They’re just performed in this acoustic setting. In our heads we went electric without changing instruments.” This philosophy is most evident in songs like “I Want to Sing That Rock and Roll” and “Elvis Presley Blues,” with her longtime collaborator David Rawlings accompanying her on Louvin-esque high harmonies and vintage guitar. Fans of the duo’s neo-old-timey sound will be happy to hear a few of their familiar, intimate dust bowl folk songs peering through the fence posts. The banjo-driven “My First Lover” could’ve been recorded on Alan Lomax’s back porch, while the title track aches and moans along with the best of her two previous albums. Rawlings’ production on the album remains warm and intimate throughout, capturing the subtleties of the acoustic instruments and earthy harmonies. Highlights include the passionate romp “Red Clay Halo,” which includes the best elements of time-honored folk stylings and their newfound passion for rock & roll, and the hushed awe that captures the audience in the Ryman Auditorium during the live recording of “I Want to Sing That Rock and Roll.” Time (The Revelator) ends with an unprecedented 15-minute track called “I Dream a Highway,” which drifts lazily through the album’s final moments, sweetly dozing in the current like Huck and Jim’s Mississippi River afternoons. Welch and Rawlings are at the top of their form and continue to make the best Americana recordings without resorting to drenching their albums in guest stars, but by writing and performing heartfelt songs that speak with a clear and undeniable honesty. – Zac Johnson

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