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Horses & Trees

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Horses & Trees album cover
Dust To Dust
Mountain Time
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Total Tracks: 6   Total Length: 34:00

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Instrumental World-Rock


This is brilliant instrumental world-rock. Stunning playing, always musical, never mere virtuosity (although these are virtuosos). Beautiful.

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Did Ginger ever play with John Mayall??? come on - everybody played with John Mayall. I'm going back to 64/65 here, so I suppose it could have been Graham Bond - was definately Rochdale though!!

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In the 'world music' vein, synthesizing various styles. If you like Yellow Moon Band, you'll probably love this too.

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This is what pure instrumental music should be. Fine musicianship, melodicism, intriguing arrangements, spiritual and sensuous. Highest recommendation. Check Ginger Baker's other recordings as well. An incredible talent.

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The World in a Drum

By Richard Gehr, Contributor

Drums are the alpha and the omega of music. "In the beginning there was rhythm!" wailed Ari Up of the Slits with theological conviction. Beats figure as prominently in contemporary music - at least since the invention of disco - as they did to our cave-dwelling ancestors. But is anything in the world more boring than a drum solo? Generally acknowledged as having originated with Gene Krupa on Benny Goodman's 1936 recording of "Sing, Sing,… more »

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Bill Laswell’s musical career has been a highly collaborative one. Almost every new release from solo excursions to a variety of mercurial group projects finds him engaged with a notable instrumentalist from the arenas of jazz, electronica, funk, hip-hop, reggae, and world music. It’s not that he seems dominating as a musician per se, but the results do typically bare the producer’s singular aural stamp. Horses & Trees is no exception. Persuaded by Laswell to continue working throughout the second half of 1980s, drummer Ginger Baker produced some of his most stimulating collections, not least of which were the Laswell produced Middle Passage and this 1986 set. The drummer is rock-solid throughout, which means that most of the compositions become a showcase for an impressive lineup of guest musicians that reads like a list of the Bill Laswell all-stars. Even when pared down to an all-rhythm trio on “Mountain Time,” Baker, though undeniably effective, remains the big beat behind Daniel Ponce and Aiyb Dieng’s percussion display. That does little to change the fact that this is one of the most enjoyable albums Baker (or Laswell) has been involved in. “Uncut” finds the likes of Bernie Worrell, Shankar and Laswell in fine form, taking solos like a jazz combo. “Dust to Dust” is the only piece composed solely by Baker (he shares credits everywhere else) and is the most stunning of the set with a repeated section that sounds like an alien hoe-down with world music undertones. Laswell alumni and hip-hop pioneer Grandmixer D.ST (of “Rock It” fame) returns, delivering slashes from his turntable that provide the sort of genre-bending texture Laswell is so fond of. Baker, while never caught stealing the show on any track, looms large. On Horses & Trees, his big beat pulls the greatest weight. – Nathan Bush

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