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Buckle In The Bible Belt

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Buckle In The Bible Belt album cover
Up Nights
St. Nick On The Fourth in a Fervor
Falling In
Caney Mountain
This Is Not a Cure for the Common Cold
Bully in the Pulpit
You Lit Up the Night
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 29:25

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Amelia Raitt


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Ha Ha Tonka, Buckle In The Bible Belt
Label: Bloodshot Records

The Ozarks are full of strange stories. One such story concerns Ha Ha Tonka, a castle built in the middle of the Missouri wilderness at the beginning of the 20th century and one whose ruins are the centerpiece of a state park of the same name. Ha Ha Tonka, the band, pay tribute to the wild and wooly "Buckle in the Bible Belt" on their newest album by producing indie rock infused with a country… read more »

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Long Time Follower


These guys play a great blend of music. Brings the soul back to rock and roll! Stand out tracks for me are: Up Nights, Bully in the Pulpit, and Caney Mountain. You'd have to be crazy not to pick up all 10 though. Brett Anderson's Falling In is a nice change of pace and Hangman shows just how talented these guys voice's are. Got to love a four part harmony! I've been following these guys for nearly 5 years. This is by no means their debut album...just happens to be their first one on Bloodshot Records. Stay tuned...these guys will be making great music for years to come!

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Can't get enough of Caney Mountain


I don't know what it is about that song, but I just can't stop humming it! My friends think I'm weird, but I LOVE that song! If you don't want to get a fantastic, catchy, different song stuck in your head, don't listen! If you are looking for something different and addictive, this is it!

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More piano!


Something about piano in rock and roll makes me happy. The rolls in Up Nights makes me want to drum on a steering wheel and You Lit Up the NIght is like a lullabye...

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great find


these guys are great--love the music, vocals and lyrics.

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These guys freakin' rock


I've been on eMusic for 3+ years and have never bothered to write a review until now... but these guys are so good I had to put aside my terminal apathy. Ha Ha Tonka have an amazing, unique sound.... check them out, you won't be disappointed.

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Really enjoyed it


St. Nick On The Fourth in a Fervor is a standout for me. The whole thing is worth a listen.

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My Recent Favorite


I got this album because I grew up next to Ha Ha Tonka State Park, but I keep listening to it because it's awesome. I love the almost bluegrass style harmonies and southern rock style guitar licks and the way it still sounds relevent and fresh. Definitely worth the download.

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con gusto


Yep, worth a good listen. 3rd cut's my fav.

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Pretty Good Debut


A close listen shows the band's Springfield-scene influences, including the down-home twang of the hallowed Ozark Mountain Daredevils and the bar-band punch of the Rainmakers. Clever lyrics and honed chops make this a dang good debut.

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Great Listen


I had never heard of these guys and really just liked the name. While the album isn't perfect, it's a great listen. It's more "alternative" than "punk", but it does have an edge.

They Say All Music Guide

Formerly known as Amsterband, Missouri’s Ha Ha Tonka burst out of the starting gate on their album Buckle in the Bible Belt with “Up Nights,” an up-tempo union of alt country twang, indie rock melodic efficiency, and barrelhouse energy as they deliver an oblique but bitter lyric that on close inspection turns out to be about child abuse. It’s only the first of many surprises on Buckle in the Bible Belt, and just about all of them are welcome; in a genre where lots of guitar is the order of the day, Brett Anderson’s rollicking keyboards bring some welcome (and non-ironic) boogie to the mix, though Anderson and Brian Roberts do know how to rock the six-string when the songs call for it, and the band isn’t afraid to show they’re tight and blessed with impressive chops while also having the good sense to keep the songs tuneful and concise (nothing over four minutes, and the disc wraps up in under a half-hour). Ha Ha Tonka manage the neat trick of keeping their music engaging and genuinely fun while tackling some serious subject matter in their lyrics, such as the failings of organized religion (“Saint Nick on the Fourth in a Fervor”), consumer culture (“Cure for the Common Cold”) and organized racism (“Caney Mountain”). Buckle in the Bible Belt’s no-nonsense production lets the music do the talking, and it speaks up loud and clear; Ha Ha Tonka deserve more than thirty minutes to share all they have on their minds, but it’s an impressive starting point and fine listening. – Mark Deming

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