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Hail Social

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Hail Social album cover
Hands Are Tied
Get In The Car
Come Out Tonight
Track #1
More Time
Another Face
Feeling Is Wrong
No Title
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Total Tracks: 9   Total Length: 32:08

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Amelia Raitt


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Hail Social, Hail Social
Label: Polyvinyl Records

Those of you/us who dig the Killers because they sound like the Cars but dislike the showroom posturing and hyperactive libido would do well to give Hail Social a shot. The Philadelphia band's eponymous debut employs the now-familiar neo-wave tropes (hi-hat thwacks, popping bass lines, arrhythmic guitar strums, campy vocals), but in a manner that's less cocksure and more earnest, as if they know they're trying too hard and they don't mind if you know… read more »

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Another hidden gem


Had never heard of these guys until Emusic made me notice them and what a fine band, download, you won't be sorry. I have not been able to stop listening to this album for days!

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You've heard this but never THIS


I'm not sure what's so different about this album, but it is AMAZING. These will be among your best spent downloads, this cd is on nearly non stop and I never play out music. Best described as easy listening in a funky punky way. Catchy tunes, catchier lyrics, and basslines that remind that the bass really is an instrument. Also, keep your ears tuned to the drumbeats and you'll find tweaked versions of classic pop rhythms. Overall, sounds great loud or quiet, busy or calm, driving or running.

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I read a review in a skate magazine (i think it was Thrasher or Slap) about these guys. The album cover screams METAL but Hail Social are certianly not METAL. I listened to some samples of each track and just from the samples alone I knew this is a great album. I downloaded it and since then it has been a highly played album amongst my collection of 6,000+ songs. I wouldnt say these guys are 100% original because i can detect some influences coming through but i cant place them. On the other hand, they really do not sound like Many of the artist out there right now and that is certianly a much desired thing in a time where most bands and solo artist sound the same. This album is very underated and the band so far has been largely slept on. Give em' a shot! I hope the new album draws more attention to them because they sure do deserve it.

They Say All Music Guide

Hail Social songwriter Dayve Hawk originally intended to combine electro with metal using no synth. And while he wrote these songs prior to the emergence of Franz Ferdinand, it’s hard not to classify the end result as a late arrival of the post-punk revival. Thankfully, there are actually some first-rate songs here, with the jerky basslines from Dan Henry leading the way for dance-ready rock. What gives the band a slight edge is that there is almost as much pop as post-punk on its debut. “Come Out Tonite” is right out of an ’80s teen movie and has a positive vibe, even if Hawk is singing of teen isolation (which could reflect Hawk’s preference to be anti-social and write his songs alone). The only problem is that this and a few other tracks fade out too early, leaving a question mark as to how they’d finish the song live or even develop it further. Overall, however, Wire-inspired songs such as “More Time” and “Feeling is Wrong” contribute to a worthy debut. – Kenyon Hopkin

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