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A Small Turn Of Human Kindness

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A Small Turn Of Human Kindness album cover
I Just Want To Go Home
I Am Sick Of All This Too
I Know This Is No Place For You
I Alone Got Up And Left
I Know This Is All My Fault
I Did Not Call Out
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Total Tracks: 7   Total Length: 37:36

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Yet Another Awesome Album


Is this another great album that inspires repeat listens? Of course. Is there a better introduction album to Harvey Milk? Probably. I think My Love... or Life...are probably good albums to start. This album is super slow and meant to be listened to as a whole, so buy the album. Each track is powerful on its own and emotional. A Small Turn... is a lot slower and gurgling than most of their other stuff, but it makes for one hell of a ride. I can see why it's an emusic pick, although I'm not sure why other albums are not.

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you fools!


this is pure and simple "we don't give a f•çk" rock; athens, ga style. "Eyerock from Levittown, PA"'s review is pretty on par with the reviews they get, even from legitimate qualified rock critics. have you seen them live? they kick ass. and they have for years even though you didn't think they measured up to your favorite dark metal band. so go see 13 Weinters instead, they won't know or care.

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There's a well known expression.....


which says, "If you can't say anything good, then don't say anything at all." I've gotta stop talking now. Except to say, check out the band 13 Winters. Now, there's some underground metal where a person could do a lot of talking.

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They Say All Music Guide

After reading a message from a disgruntled fan who thought Life… The Best Game in Town was too accessible, Harvey Milk wanted to reassert themselves as one of the most difficult bands in sludge metal. As the lore goes, Creston Spiers was so incensed (or inspired) by the comment that he didn’t even wait to get home to write the album, but transcribed the entire thing on manuscript paper in the van while the band was still on tour. The result of that effort, A Small Turn of Human Kindness, finds the band returning to the top of their game with an album that is as heartbreaking as it is crushing. Though it’s broken up into six tracks, the album plays out like an epic doom opera, tied together by a gut-wrenching narrative thread. Where Harvey Milk really succeeds is in the highs and lows, pulling the listener down into a pit of despair one moment and letting them drift in a melancholy haze the next, making the passages that are merely sad and not out-and-out devastating seem uplifting by comparison. The whole things comes to a head on the album closer, “I Did Not Call Out.” The song pulls of an incredible juxtaposition, creating a point where the album is lyrically at its bleakest while the music is at its most triumphant, pulling the listener in two directions, all compounded by the incredible momentum built up by the songs that preceded it. For anyone who felt that Life… was too entry level for their tastes, A Small Turn of Human Kindness will be the challenging, and ultimately rewarding, response they were looking for. – Gregory Heaney

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