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Some Racing, Some Stopping

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Some Racing, Some Stopping album cover
Get Your Head Around It
3:24   $0.99
Cherry Tulips
3:28   $0.99
Market Girl
3:34   $0.99
On April 2
2:36   $0.99
School Boys
3:14   $0.99
Some Racing, Some Stopping
3:57   $0.99
So Much For The Afternoon
3:16   $0.99
Catch Them All
2:47   $0.99
2:57   $0.99
3:49   $0.99
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 33:02

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J. Edward Keyes


Joe Keyes writes about music.

Headlights, Some Racing, Some Stopping
Label: Polyvinyl Records

Some Racing, Some Stopping opens with a steady humming organ, a twinkle of guitars and — shooting upward from the darkness — a soaring, pleading vocal. It's dramatic and it's perfect, the kind of prologue bigger bands break their backs trying to create. The second record from Illinois trio Headlights is full of casual beauty, moments of pop elegance that arrive with natural grace rather than with blunt force and blaring fanfare.

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wee tad precious


still this is a band I would take a first date to if you have an ear for substance you won't fill up on this dish but hey- order the nine course and get some variety

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Perhaps it's bubblegum...


but it's pretty tasty and consistent bubblegum. I'd say that many bubblegum lovers will find this too unusually tasty for their tastes. Me, I like them very much.

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Like it- but not all songs are worth it


this is one of those albums where you want to just take your pick. They're not all great, but there are some fun ones on here. I hope they get more popular because they really are pretty good. p.s: Some people are saying the guys singing is bad, but I like both vocalists. Don't be fooled.

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Very Satisfying


These songs are really well written and performed. In the fashion of other Male/Female trading vocal bands like Stars, P:ano and the Rosebuds, this is a well orchestrated soundtrack for any mood.

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c86, really?


Decent record, but hardly deserves a c86 parity.

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Not for me


In the way-back machine, we'd have called this "bubblegum."

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B-Level Beulah


Headlights explore similar music territory as now-defunct Beulah, but with less substance and originality. On the plus side, they add female vocals to the mix.Overall, it's good but not great. If you like the mellowier, poppier vein of indie rock, you'll want to give them a whirl. Sample "Market Girl" and "Questions & Answers."

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best headlights album yet..


i've been a fan of HEADLIGHTS for a couple of years and have downloaded all of thier emusic albums but i was absolutely blown away by their newest cd. it sounds, at first listen, to be soft and melodic but when you take your second listen it has a roughness to it that grabs you and pulls you in.."get your hands around it", "january" and "cherry tulips" are the best ones on their, in my opinion. but they are all jems in their own right.

They Say All Music Guide

Headlights’ second album Some Racing, Some Stopping is a whole bunch of fun. The group builds on the promise of their first album and consolidates their strengths into a peppy, pretty and satisfying romp through ten songs that will have fans of light and breezy indie pop smiling like crazy. The album is split between up-tempo tracks perfect for indie night at your local teen club, happy go lucky songs with glockenspiels, and sweeter than sugar ballads that might nudge your heartstrings but never tug too hard. All delivered with a huge cheery cherry on top in the form of Erin Fein’s feather light and lovely vocals (though Tristian Wright’s aren’t bad but they are more workmanlike where hers are heavenly). Almost every song sounds like it could lead off a mixtape aimed at warming the heart of someone special; there is a giddy joy that permeates the record from start to finish. When the drums kick in and are joined by a chorus of bells on “Get Yer Head Around It” or when the doo wop harmonies of “So Much for the Afternoon” take flight, you’ll be walking on air. Even the sad songs like the title track manage to be lighter than air thanks to the incredibly rich and layered production and the band’s sense of restraint and ease. There are a lot of bands playing indie pop in 2008, but very few do it as well as Headlights do on Some Racing, Some Stopping. – Tim Sendra

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