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How To Destroy Angels

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How To Destroy Angels album cover
The Space In Between
Fur Lined
The Believers
A Drowning
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Total Tracks: 6   Total Length: 28:51

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What a drag! Disappointing


As a female I typically love chick singers better. However this is auto tune, boring, nasally, and out right embarrassing. I deleted it! I love NIN and some of the beats are cool. The lead "singer" need not quit her day job!! Portishead, Massive Attack, and Ladytron are way better if you like this genre.

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This can be downloaded for free from their website: http://howtodestroyangels.com/

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Utterly boring


By ripping the band name from Coil, I thought maybe Reznor was going to really get out there and do something amazing again. So much of NIN the last ten years has just been formulaic and frankly boring. This just continues the trend. Oooh look, a female vocalist!? Yeah, so what? Who cares whether it's a male or a female, if their performance has no emotion, no dynamics, no anything; not even a melodramatic monotone to depress us ala Joy Division. This is Reznor and friends wanking in the studio because they can, and falling prey to the typical failures of the fat and happy over-the-hill artist. It's pretty bad when I don't even want to bother to download a FREE album from the artist's site. I do like the cover art however.

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NIN with a female lead? Sold!


Thank heavens Trent Reznor let his lovely wife out to sing. Having female vocals behind his music is a nice change in direction.

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A Little Coil, A Little NIN, A Little Mariqueen


Yes, the name comes from the mighty Coil, and for those who haven't heard them - you're doing yourself a disservice. Perhaps it's an homage? Most likely so, one can certainly hear it in there a bit. I really like the first and last tracks of this EP, but everything in the middle isn't so much my taste.

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A slight nod to another musical icon


The project name seems to reference an album by Coil (former reznor associates/collaboraters) which was itself the soundtrack for a Derek Jarman film. The album art even vaguely resembles Coil's company logo in structure. Though I have yet to hear in the music a direct relation, I feel it's safe to say that Jared Leto was not involved in the choice of a name.

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It's a female NIN


The vocals just sound like a female Trent Reznor. Same style.

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Yes, no, maybe


I've often wondered what NIN would sound like with Android Lust on guest vocals. This is enjoyable but it would have been fantastic with that mighty Android voice instead. Bit of an adolescent band name - did Jared Leto pick it for them?

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How ever you get it!


A solid release by one of the most interesting artists around. Trent always picks interesting people to match himself up with. He is an artist who is made stronger by the people he brings in to back him up. How to destroy angels is a wonderful group, and the fact that it is now a husband and wife group add to the over all flavor. I have high expectations from this group, and expect much for their future releases. As stated in other reviews you can get this for free legally; or, you can also actually show your support for the band and download it here.

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Twice now


Shame on you AGAIN emusic for charging your customers for a FREE EP!!!! See also my review of Kurt Vile Square Shells.

They Say All Music Guide

It’s hard to deny the influence of Trent Reznor on How to Destroy Angels, the group featuring the Nine Inch Nails mastermind, his wife Mariqueen Maandig, and his longtime collaborator Atticus Ross but HTDA isn’t quite NIN fronted by a female. Maandig’s presence isn’t incidental; having her as the focal point shifts the tone considerably, giving the music a dreamy quality even when things get quite gnarled and ugly, as they do on “Parasite.” Draped in twisted, processed guitar gunk, “Parasite” is recognizably Reznor’s, as is the electro-throb of “Fur Lined,” and the ominous undertow of “BBB,” but HTDA’s debut EP doesn’t consist of dressed-up leftovers from The Slip: some of Reznor’s obsessions remain recognizable, but having collaborators opens up the music and Maandig softens it, giving this EP a different feel despite some familiar sounds. – Stephen Thomas Erlewine

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