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It's A Beautiful Day

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It's A Beautiful Day album cover
White Bird
A Hot Summer Day
Wasted Union Blues
Girl With No Eyes
Bombay Calling
Time Is
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Total Tracks: 7   Total Length: 40:05

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It's A Beautiful Day


Can't say enough about this Album! One of the BEST ever made! Brings back so many memories of Summer, 1972, for me. Remember sitting in low light, and just becoming one with the music!

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Very nice


For all of the great live acts that I've seen these many years, perhaps the best concert I ever saw was It's a Beautiful Day playing in a tiny club in Indianapolis. Maybe it was the atmosphere, maybe it was the girl I was with, and maybe it was It's a Beautiful Day.

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A Perfect Song Makes Any Day Beautiful


When WHITE BIRD hit the air back in the day, music for the 'Hard Rock' FM crowd was all about Hendrix, Zeppelin and Clapton. Today these acts aren't thought of as Hard Rock - they fall under the 'Classic Rock' banner 40 years later. It certainly wasn't about a tune with fiddles and acoustics. Read the credits - the only guitar is the acoustic in the hands of the lead singer. And yet.... This song gets into your BONES. When you think of a tune that defines the word 'haunting', this should be on your A list. From the lyrics to the melody that flows from the perfect duo of the male and female lead singers, this song will touch you in places that will wake the soul. Having not heard the song in 15 years, I was pleasantly surprised to discover depths of instrumentation I never heard on my equipment back then. Digital has only enhanced what is a truly marvelous production. 5 STARS - nothing held back.

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Many years on, it's still a Beautiful Day


I recall the first time Allison Steel (The Night Bird) sent this out over the waves on WNEW. I couldn't get enough of it. I was surprised when I came across a single copy of it in a small record store. I have owned it ever since. Now as then, great to have it again so I can play it on my iPod. The music brings back the feeling of those early days of a really hip FM radio station.

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It truley is a beautiful day


Isaw this band live in 1970 at Winterland Ballroom in S.F.when they played white bird they went stright through the album and didnt miss a lick they were hot that night. this is a Super CD

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It you missed them live...


Melodic and lyrical. Their use of the violin was a revelation in the 60's. Truly evocative, psychedelic music done by masters of the genre.

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Truely Beautiful Day


Crash-course in the diversity of some great 60's music.

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Great Classic for the collection


Harmonics to give you goosebumps and set your mind on a trip to the past.

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The seminal sound of the late 60s


Must toke music. As mentioned in other reviews...trippy and dreamy.

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classic, dreamy, trippy


classic, classic, classic - encapsulates an era - and of course white bird is worth the download at any price

They Say All Music Guide

Although they are not one of the better-known San Francisco bands to have emerged from the ballroom circuit of the late ’60s and early ’70s, It’s a Beautiful Day were no less memorable for their unique progressive rock style that contrasted well with the Bay Area psychedelic scene. Led by David LaFlamme (flute/violin/vocals) and his wife, Linda LaFlamme (keyboards), the six-piece unit on this album vacillates between light and ethereal pieces such as the lead-off cut, “White Bird,” to the heavier, prog rock-influenced “Bombay Calling.” One of the most distinct characteristics of It’s a Beautiful Day is their instrumentation. The prominence of David LaFlamme — former violin soloist with the Utah Symphony and original member of Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks — adds a refinement to It’s a Beautiful Day’s sound. Likewise, the intricate melodies — mostly composed by the LaFlammes — are structured around the band’s immense virtuosity, a prime example being the exquisitely haunting harpsichord-driven “Girl With No Eyes.” The noir framework, as well as lyrics such as “…she’s just a reflection of all of the time I’ve been high,” point rather candidly to the hallucinogenic nature of the song’s — if not the band’s — influences. The same can be said of the languidly eerie “Bulgaria.” The almost chant-like quality of the track slowly crescendos into an hypnotic and dreamlike sonic journey — led by LaFlamme’s brilliant violin work. By virtue of being a Bay Area fixture in the late ’60s, It’s a Beautiful Day could also easily double as a hippie dance band — which they can also execute with great aplomb — as the wildly up-tempo “Time Is” amply proves. It’s a Beautiful Day remains as a timepiece and evidence of how sophisticated rock & roll had become in the fertile environs of the San Francisco music scene. – Lindsay Planer

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