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No Más

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No Más album cover
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Mossy Woodland
1:53   $0.99
Oh! Centra
3:44   $0.99
On It On It
3:23   $0.99
Intervales Theme
3:38   $0.99
We Ah Wi
3:00   $0.99
Tell Me What Will It Be?
3:42   $0.99
Moscow 1980
3:04   $0.99
The Merkin Jerk
1:38   $0.99
C Town
3:23   $0.99
Off My Mind
3:02   $0.99
Susie Cues
1:54   $0.99
Shadow Heart
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1:16   $0.99
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Total Tracks: 15   Total Length: 43:49

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Wondering Sound

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Sean Fennessey


Director of Merchandising, emusic.com

Making found art sound like pure pop
Label: Luaka Bop

When news broke that Javelin, the emerging button-pushing, sample-colliding Brooklyn duo, had signed to David Byrne's Luaka Bop label, many were left scratching their heads. Luaka Bop — home to releases from International iconoclasts like Tom Ze, Os Mutantes, and Zap Mama — seemed a strange landing place. How, for example, would the tiny indie pay all the licensing fees necessary to recreate something as exuberant and steeped in pop history as Javelin's celebrated 2009… read more »

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Someting new!


I think, this is something very innovative and absolutely brilliant. Never boring and a lot of fun. Get it and dive in this crazy world!

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"can we say beta band"


A nice down tempo pop funk mix, reminds me of the first time I heard beta bands 2-eps (a moment that changed my expectations of music all together) Good music that is just a little strange.

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Something different....


Defo worth a download if you've got an open mind and like Gorillaz / Vampire Weekend / The Bees, not that this sounds really like any of them, but they fall in that hold to 'pigeon hole' category that is basically just good music that doesn't fit neatly into any genre

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New This Week: The Men, Jenny Scheinman & More

By J. Edward Keyes, Editor-in-Chief

New ones from The Men, Jenny Scheinman and more this week. Let's get to it. The Men, Open Your Heart: Here it is. People, if you only download one record today, make sure this is it. Big, loud, roaring rock & roll that ricochets between scuzzy garage, roughed-up punk and lovely, laid-back country with equal aplomb. Needless to say, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Here's eMusic's Austin L. Ray with more: The album is divided roughly into three categories: rockers… more »

They Say All Music Guide

The art of sampling has gone through so many permutations since the early days of hip-hop, and has gone from cutting edge to passé in so many repeating cycles, that the whole concept of borrowing and recombining musical elements from old sources has become just one more ingredient common to nearly all dance music subgenres, kind of the way almost every soup recipe has onions in it. For Tom Van Buskirk and George Langford of Javelin, the idea of sampling is more about lifting explicit influences and re-creating them than looping actual recordings (though they do some of that as well). On Javelin’s first full-length album, the result of their five years of experimentation is a unique sound that can perhaps best be summed up as “silly vocals and serious grooves.” Sometimes the silliness gets just a bit cloying, as on “Mossy Woodland” with its bizarre juxtaposition of a serious lyric and synthesized children’s voices, or the unpleasantly wanky guitar and general aimlessness of “Tell Me What It Will Be?” But for the most part, the cutesiness is kept just controlled enough to make the songs intriguing: the goofy disco groove and (possibly sampled) falsetto vocals on “On It on It” and soul/bluebeat Farfisa organ of “Shadow Heart” both exude a hipster irony that never quite tips over into smugness. Then there’s the album-ending “Goal/Wide,” whose highly fractured vocals and gentle acoustic guitar and glockenspiel accompaniment somehow combine to create one of the most mature tracks on the record. If you enjoy this one, then go digging for their self-released demo collection Jamz n Jemz and their limited-edition Thrill Jockey 12″ releases, Javelin and Number Two. – Rick Anderson

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