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Isle Of View

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Isle Of View album cover
The Nest
For Roach
Monte Luna
Seeds Of Spring
I Am The Mercury
Long Way Down
Let It Flow
Seven Virgins
Come Back
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 39:46

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KSHE classics here...


....with "The Nest" and "I Am The Mercury". Go emusic!

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So much for download integrith


I don't know why, but emusic suggested that they're revamped service would display previous downloads so we wouldn't needlessly duplicate our downloads. BS! Jimmie Spheeris is wonderful and I downloaded his music from emusic years ago. bit I wouldn't know it from what I see here. Miffed and overcharged, that me.

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Lost World of Jimmie Spheeris


This is an album of sublime beauty, transforming and etherial in ways I never understood until its reissue. I think it's timeless and joyful, and holds a spiritual hot spot in my musical development.

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I'm so happy!


I've been trying to find Jimmie's CDs for two years, and was very happy when I found him on emusic. I'm downloading the full set and take him with me wherever I go. Thanks emusic!

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For Water Brothers


This is a special album for me and my friends and not available on CD any longer. No 70's artist continued the 60's spirit more than Jimmie Spheeris. His voice has a power to move and soothe. If you are familiar with the Henlein novel "Stranger in a Strange Land", Jimmie was a true "Water Brother" and sings about it in the song "The Nest". I agree with the previous review that "I am the Mercury" is superb; Other favorites include "Let it Flow" "Come Back Here" "For Roach" and "Monte Luna". If you like "Isle of View" try the Lp "The Dragon is Dancing" next!

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An All Time Favorite

notch it out

This album, after all these years, still ranks as one of my all time favorites! Impeccable songwriting, and purity of intent. Totally worthy! "I am the Mercury" still gives me chills, and connects on a deep level. No wonder it was an underground radio hit for years in the 70's.....

They Say All Music Guide

Jimmie Spheeris’ followers swore up and down that he deserved to become as famous as Neil Young or Jackson Browne-and in a perfect world, he would have been much better known in the singer/songwriter field. But when his sensitive, contemplative debut album, Isle of View, first came out on Epic in 1971, it was hardly a big seller. Nonetheless, Isle of View (which Rain reissued on CD in 1997) did earn Spheeris a small but extremely devoted cult following, and it isn’t hard to see why his followers thought so highly of him. Acoustic-oriented selections like “I Am The Mercury,” “For Roach” and “The Nest” are superb-when you aren’t admiring Spheeris for being such an expressive, charismatic vocalist, you’re loving his way with words. Spheeris’ lyrics had a very poetic quality, and the more you listen to these songs, the more you get out of them. Anyone with a taste for introspective singer/songwriters would have a hard time not cherishing Isle of View. – Alex Henderson

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