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The Blue Ridge Rangers

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The Blue Ridge Rangers album cover
Blue Ridge Mountain Blues
Somewhere Listening
You're The Reason
She Thinks I Still Care
California Blues
Workin' On A Building
Please Help Me I'm Falling
Have Thine Own Way
I Ain't Never
Hearts Of Stone
Today I Started Loving You Again
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Total Tracks: 12   Total Length: 36:40

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That Voice!


100 years fron now people will still be listening to Fogerty. There is something about his voice. It is as distinctive as Willie Nelson's. It always sounds like a friend singing his heart out. Fogerty is an American treasure.

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Good tunes for a Bar-B-Cue


If you enjoy the twangier moments of CCR: Oobie-Doobie, Out my Back Door, Cotton Fields, that is exactly what you have here. The cover of "She Thinks I Still Care" is worthy of Goerge Jones himself.

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looking out my back door


After refusing for creative reasons to do the last album in CCR's contract and losing the lawsuit over it, John, who did not own the rights to his own music, like John Kay of Steppenwolf, was forbidden to play any Creedence music for 10 years by the judge. Can you imagine that? In 1988 the U.S. signed the Berne Convention of 1886 giving unregistered copyright of art to the artist, the creator, not the "biz", for the artist's lifetime. John sued and won back ownership of his own creations. He is an American music icon, an accomplished musician on many instruments, composer, business man, character and self made man. Not to mention one of the most recognized and unique voices in rock. The band and his brother never had his vision, ego?, as shown by their subsequent body of work. they were willing to play what the record company wanted.

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John was CCR


to harprec...John Fogerty wrote most of CCR's material. that's why he sounds like CCR. i don't know if anybody remembers when john fogerty's 'old man down the road' came out john fogerty got sued for sounding too much like...john fogerty. pretty ridiculous huh? i think his old mates sued him. not sure tho. any hu... john won the case. so maybe that's why he didn't play with them at r & r hall of fame?

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its not that i like this guy at all..i dont and with good reason.he didnt even allow his former surviving bandmates to play in thier rock anbd roll inaugeration in the hall of fame so they went out and got drunk. but yes..its a great album.john proved he didnt need his friends anymore and he could do it on his own. but why? it could have been THE creedence album.so we shall have to pretend its by them.if he didnt like the way they played he shouldnt have copied them. :)

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Artist & fine craftsman


Every instrument and voice on this album is by ol' John. In fact, all five of those silhouettes on the cover are him, too. What a fine piece of work-- John's personal tribute to his old time roots.

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Great Fun!!!


This album is wonderful. Well chosen songs. And a spirit of fun sadly missing in a lot of modern day music. Fun is what it's all about, after all.

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John Fogerty has one of those rare voices that can sing it all! This is a perfect match for him and he brings it home in fine fashion. First album I have hit the "download all" button on!

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John Fogerty


Great artist, when he started whit CCR ill already loved his music

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Proto Alt-Country


This is a gem of a record. Fogerty rocks up some classic country songs in his inimitable style, helping to set the stage for Wilco, Old 97s, et al. Even if you consider yourself a CCR fan, there's still a good chance you have never heard this, since it sank like a stone upon release. Like nearly all of Fogerty's work, it's a joy to listen to.

They Say All Music Guide

With wonderfully chosen songs like “Hearts of Stone” and George Jones’ classic country weeper “She Thinks I Still Care,” John Fogerty’s solo debut with The Blue Ridge Rangers has held up well over the last two decades. It isn’t the most supple or technically proficient one-man recording of all time, but it’s a wonderfully engaging record; upbeat, unpretentious, and loaded with good songs. Fogerty’s rigid, no-frills drumming took a lot of heat for being mechanical, but no one has ever explained how Fogerty’s abilities on the trap kit are significantly different from Creedence’s Doug Clifford. In retrospect, this was a tremendously risky record to make; country music in the early ’70s was regarded as the domain of right-wing, rock & roll-hating Nashville traditionalists, and it was reasonable to assume that fans (even staunch ones) wouldn’t take kindly to this genre switch. While it wasn’t a huge success, it was in no way a disaster, and perhaps more importantly, served as a much-needed rock & roll history lesson. – John Dougan

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