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Out Like A Light

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Out Like A Light album cover
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Last Week
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Miss Directions
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Out Like A Light
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Total Tracks: 5   Total Length: 35:57

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Just So Great!


I love Scofield, but he can get ponderous at times just because of that sound of his. It's incredibly unique. You know it's him almost immediately which is rare for jazz guitarists. He's carved out a niche for himself, but unfortunately he hasn't really strayed too far from that niche in a long while. But go back a few decades and you find things like this, my absolute personal favorite Scofield record of all time. No funk, no extraneous horn arrangements, nothing fancy and nothing insincere. Just great tunes extremely well played. Great simpatico between the players: Steve Swallow is absolutely at his peak and Adam Nussbaum is a perfect anchor and super unique voice of his own. It's a rock trio basically, and the music does occasionally get a little loud and muddy (in a really, really good way), but it's still jazz at its core and it's a perfect connection they make together. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!