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Olias Of Sunhollow

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Olias Of Sunhollow album cover
Qoquaq En Transic/Naon/Transic To
Ocean Song
Meeting/Sound Out The Galleon
Dance Of Ranyart/Olias
Flight Of The Moorglade
Solid Space
Moon Ra/Chords/Song Of Search
To The Runner
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Total Tracks: 8   Total Length: 44:11

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Lovely Music (hope emusic fixes errors)


Lovely sounding album... almost bought it here. Thank you to the commentators who mentioned the mis-ordered and misnamed tracks.

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LOVE this album! Quite honestly, I think it stands up to any classic YES album. Maybe not quite as perfect as, say, the Close To The Edge record, but it is wonderful in its own right. Agree that the title should be listed as "Sunhillow" and not "Sunhollow". And obviously, some people's complaints about how many "credits" it cost is irrelevant now. Excellent price. Plus, as another reviewer mentioned, I originally bought this on CD as a Japanese import, paying $30+!

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Title should be "Olias of Sunhillow"


Misspelling of album's title. Some of the track names are incomplete or have incorrect punctuation as well.

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This album does have that classic yes feel, but more other worldly, I do love those who complain about the pomposity of prog, That's like exclaiming pro wrestling is fake, And your point is what exactly ? I would agree with the reviewer who mentioned the lp, the art work is beautiful. the music does indeed invoke the mood of the artwork.

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YES Jon!


Great album. The best way to experience it is to get the LP, so you can truly appreciate the artwork and the story inside. The album was inspired by Roger Dean's artwork for Fragile, but he did NOT do the artwork on the album.

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Unique Album, A Treat For Anderson Fans


This album is unlike anything else he's done, I don't care for the other works but this is just amazing. Too bad eMusic is charging so much, very uncool and is driving me (and others) away from this site, slowly but surely...

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Unparalleled Classic!


Jon's first solo album was by far his best, incredibly ambitious, complex, lush, dreamy and beautiful. Jon set out to create an entire world in a concept album, with amazing artwork by Roger Dean. If you're a fan of Yes, this is a must-have. The other commenter was right, though, the track order is wrong, and for a concept album, that is a real problem. Oh, and to whomever was complaining about paying 12 credits for 8 tracks... some of us bought this as a Japanese import when that was the only way to get it on CD. Consider yourself blessed to get this wonderful piece of artwork so cheaply.

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Great classic... but.... 12 credits:8 tracks? What's up with that? AND it's your standard LP, only 44 minutes!

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Another classic on emusic


This prog-rock classic was impossible to find for decades. Now yours for the low low price of six bucks. Over the top and pompous in places, too new-agey in others. But what prog-rock wasn't? Still a wonderful journey.

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A must have album!


One of my favorite albums of all time. Unparalleled in its complexity and ambition and just a great sound. If you're a fan of Yes or albums that have some substance to them you can't go wrong here.

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