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Holy Harmony

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Holy Harmony album cover
Holy Harmony
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Total Tracks: 1   Total Length: 72:00

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Fine blend of many traditions


I can hear the Judeo-Christian ecclesiastic lineage in this fine meditative album that helps me relax. I say that Jonathan Goldman's music is better than any pharmaceuticals for both anxiety and pain, and I"m not kidding. With his help I'm able to achieve deep meditative trance states that no opiates can compare to. I suffer chronic pain and sometimes crippling anxiety, and his music has been a godsend.

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Ethereal, Slow, Modulated


What I like about this piece. The vocals are lovely, layered, ethereal, yet not completely otherworldly. It’s completely repetitive, yes, and that’s ok. The repetition yields comfort and peace and a sense of letting go. This music breathes well. It’s not something that you can get your mind around, rather its something to let go into. What I didn’t like. There’s a non-vocal tone (tuning forks apparently) that tends to over-power the piece. For me, it is a distraction that makes listening to the entire piece difficult. --> The YHSVH Chant is a powerful word of prayer, or a mantra, that is composed of specific letters of the Hebrew alphabet that create a sacred name for the Christ.

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I Agree What is this???


The 1st 5 minutes was OK but it just keeps repeating for 72 minutes. Might be good for torture

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oh what that?


don't understand that hebrew writing explanation please...