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In Our Nature

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In Our Nature album cover
How Low
Down The Line
Killing For Love
In Our Nature
Time To Send Someone Away
The Nest
Cycling Trivilalities
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 33:08

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Give it some time


At first I wasn't sure about this album, didnt jump out at me as comparing to the first, but i gave it a few more listens and the arrangements started to really make sense and just work, obviously not one to listen to if you wanna get all pumped up and dance around but Jose is not about that, relax and hang out with just jose and you wont be dissapointed www.L-Mo.co.uk Upbeat Adrenaline Fueled Acoustic Mayhem

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So you're frustrated that you can't download in the States, so am I, and I'm from Sweden!!! just like jose...

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E-music..Why I otta....!!!


It's moments like these that make me wonder if I should just not renew my annual subscription. Grrrrr...So frustrating. Enjoy rest of the world while we suffer here in the states. Whahhh... ;)

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How money can ruin a second album


After hearing the first Gonzalez album I was left in awe for days. I'd never heard anything so raw yet so delicate. I'd never heard such emotion and dynamic come from an acoustic guitar. Since then I've never once grown tired of listening to that album unlike many other albums I have in my collection. I listened to this album with open mind. I wasn’t a fan of the single but wasn’t going to dismiss the album. I was upset though, to listen to this whole album through and only find a couple of songs where he whisked me away from my current location and took me to an isolated paradise. Almost every single song on that first album did that. If you were to compare the two albums you could quite easily hear that this new one features fancy vocal effects, multi-tracked guitars and percussive instruments which is quite clearly, a sign of too much money and an overly enthusiastic producer. I'm very sad to hear this but I hope over time I can re-adjust and will come to accept it.

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and this is why.....


emusic is so fantastic.....a new release for our delectation amd what a great album Jose Gonzalez just goes from strength to strength ..if you liked Veneer then you are in for a real treat with this one.

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even better...


A really great record. Even better than the first one. hope José goes on like that for years.

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José González earned himself a lot of fans with his first album, Veneer. Songs from it were placed in TV shows and featured in ads, he appeared on Top of the Pops and played festivals, and became a sought-after guest vocalist for electronic artists (Zero 7, Savath & Savalas, Plan B). His intimate, tender sound featuring just his voice and a skillfully played acoustic guitar struck a chord all around the world. The long lag between the recording of Veneer (which was originally released in Sweden during 2003 and only widely available in 2005) and the release of the follow-up, 2007′s In Our Nature, might lead fans to think that time might bring about a change in González’s sound. Those fears prove to be groundless. Despite teasing some changes with a fuller, more arranged sound featuring a backing band on the 2006 EP Stay in the Shade, In Our Nature is a near sonic clone of Veneer, right down to the cover of a classic electronica track (this time it’s Massive Attack’s “Teardrops”). This is great news for people looking for more of the same quiet, stark, but beautiful songs and performances, but if you were looking for some kind of change or progression, you’re out of luck unless you listen quite intently and get past the smooth surface. What you’ll find are more political lyrics (like on the opening “How Low,” which shoots verbal daggers at war-mongering world leaders), more passionate vocals, some more forceful guitar playing, and a general sense of urgency and unease bubbling underneath the prettiness. It may take a few listens before the record reveals itself as a relative cauldron of restrained emotion, but it’s worth the effort. Or you could choose to let the moody songs and melancholy atmosphere relax and sooth you. Either way the record is sure to please the fans who latched on to Veneer. – Tim Sendra

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