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Tropics and Meridians

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Tropics and Meridians album cover
Lawn Bowler
June Leaf
Arms over Arteries
Sanctioned in a Birdcage
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Total Tracks: 6   Total Length: 36:45

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A nautically minded math-rock troupe from the maritime shores of... Kentucky.
Label: Quarterstick Records / Touch And Go

Headed by Jeff Mueller — the genius behind Rodan — June of 44 were a nautically minded math-rock troupe from the maritime shores of… Kentucky. Mueller's vocals alternate between hushed mutterings and a high-school football coach's bark, his lyrics oblique obsessions on WWII battleships and bodies of water. Both lyrically and musically, June of 44 were hyper-masculine: the lyrics completely devoid of love, the playing intricately nerdy and precise, the in-song shifts drastic and… read more »

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Top Top Top Album


Anisette is one of my favourite songs ever. I can't rate this album highly enough.

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I love the way Jeff always sounded so frustrated. And I love those fret-slides that the guitars would do, swooping up and down the strings. OK so they sounded a lot like Slint. Who cares when it sounds this good.

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My Favorite June of 44 Album


This is my favorite June of 44 album. Standout tracks are June Leaf, Anisette, and Arms Over Arteries.

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Featuring current and former members of slowcore icons Codeine and post-rock bands like Rodan, Rex, and the Sonora Pine, June of 44 is proof positive that a musically incestuous scene can sometimes be a good thing. With origins in the same Louisville scene that gave birth to obvious influences Squirrel Bait and Slint, this quartet sticks more toward the rock side of the instrumental music spectrum, but with more than enough dynamic compositional elements to give them a distinctive sound. Tropics and Meridians, their second LP, picks up right where their formidable debut left off, with a similarly broad spectrum of song structures. “Anisette” rides along on a menacing subterranean bass groove as Jeff Mueller delivers indecipherable howling that the Jesus Lizard would be proud of, while “Lawn Bowler” conjures up the spirit of Slint with its shifting moods and creepily dissonant harmonies. “June Leaf” is damn near danceable, with a freight-train-a-rollin’ rhythm and a supple guitar line that caresses you oh-so-gently, then smacks you hard across the face for getting fresh. The album is just six tracks clocking in at just over 36 minutes, but it still offers plenty of bang for your 15 bucks. – Bret Love

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