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Yeezus album cover
On Sight
Black Skinhead
I Am A God
New Slaves
Hold My Liquor
I'm In It
Blood On The Leaves
Guilt Trip
Send It Up
Bound 2
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 40:06

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Wondering Sound

Review 6

His leanest, tightest, most to-the-point album ever
2013 | Label: Roc-a-fella Records

Earlier in his career, Kanye’s ego was the one getting all the attention, but Yeezus, his sixth solo album, is all snarling Id. Nothing can wait, not even the “damn croissants,” which he demands with characteristically insta-quotable brio on “I Am A God.” Fittingly, Yeezus is West’s leanest, tightest, most to-the-point album ever: 10 songs, 40 minutes (almost to the nose), and full of the aggression of mid-’80s Def Jam.

No surprise, then, that Rick Rubin… read more »

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I've had a weird relationship with Kanye. Kind of enjoyed The College Dropout, and kind of didn't enjoy Graduation Day, at which point I stopped paying attention to his music. But then I begrudgingly gave Yeezus a listen and it floored me. Now, I'm in no way a hip-hop connoisseur, but I love vibrant, out-there music of all genres, and this fits the ticket perfectly.

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This album is pretty amazing. His lyrics are over the top and bold, his delivery a sing-song rhythmic holler. The music is raw and erratic -- he's all over the place and unhinged. This might not become a classic in the mainstream collective, but to me it's West's best album to date. It's angry, beautiful, stupid, and honest.

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I keep trying to give this guy a chance cause so many people seem to think he's so great, but here's another album that leaves me believing he's seriously the most over rated artist of all time.What ever 'greatness' people hear in this guy, I'm not hearing it. All the good moments on this record belong to other artists (Daft Punk, Nina Simone). Save your money and buy albums by the artists who make his music for him, cause once he starts rapping it just gets boring.

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For my ears sake, I wish this guy would cash it in. All these 'critics' giving this album props must be listening to a different album. But, then again, Brittany Spears sold a lot of music in her day too...

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I'm a big fan of Kanye, despite the fact that his music is quite a bit different from most of the other stuff I listen to on a regular basis. I love College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Those albums all have more great songs on them than I can easily name. That said, I couldn't find a redeeming moment on this album. Most conspicuously missing are: Samples. Not used nearly as artfully as in past albums. In fact a couple of them were jarring, as if he's just doing what he's expected to do without inspiration. Pop lightheartedness. This album is dark, and not in the fun way that Fantasy is. It's just monotone and grouchy sounding. Humor. Let's face it, Kanye is vapid and misogynist. What saves his lyrics are his huge personality and his usually numerous clever and funny lines. There's scarcely even any attempt at humor on this album. That leaves it feeling... extra vapid and misogynist.

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There are some really great sonic moments on this album. I respect reaching, but I came away distracted by lyrics about his ego and really violent language towards women.

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provocative by design


hearing kanye's "searing indictment" of African-American consumerism is deliciously ironic. all i hear is an artist writing from 10,000 feet, looking out the window at the little ants called "fans", thinking "im gonna sonically slap them in the face". mid 80's def-jam aggression this is not, this a man that give's a f___ about a god damn grammy. timely social commentary? not so much. all due respect to the previous critic, this sounds like kanye has been listening to flying lotus and want's to break out of some musical rut. i think i preferred the daft punk rut.

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Blood on the Leaves


BiblicalLove I have heard Billie Holliday sing that song. Really chilling her voice is!

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Yeezus - Blood on the Leaves


Blood on the Leaves is West's retrospect on his career and his identity. He's mirroring Through the Wire’s soul sound by rapping on an overlay of Billie Holiday's Strange Fruit (he uses a cover by Nina Simone). It's infinitely haunting--echoing back to 19th Century Negro Spirituals and American racial hatred. I'm sad that most listeners will probably never draw back to Billie Holiday, but her performance of Strange Fruit was probably the most courageous song of American history. Holiday performed it 16 years before Rosa Parks took her seat in New York city's only racially integrated night club at the time. You can read the story and the lyrics here: http://www.nytimes.com/books/first/m/margolick-fruit.html West's lyrical styling of Blood on the Leaves has multiple interpretations--but however you read it--West is standing on the shoulders of giants. And to not boast it so high as to name it after Christ himself, in its own irony, would be a sacrilege.

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