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50 Words For Snow

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50 Words For Snow album cover
Lake Tahoe
Wild Man
Snowed In At Wheeler Street
50 Words For Snow
Among Angels
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Total Tracks: 7   Total Length: 65:05

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J. Edward Keyes


Joe Keyes writes about music.

Her most overtly artful record, and also her most difficult
2011 | Label: Anti/Epitaph

It’s saying something that, in a career that has found room for ruminations on lovestruck ghosts, the secret lives of computers and the inner monologue of a coma patient, 50 Words for Snow is Kate Bush’s most overtly artful record. It’s also her most difficult. For all their lyrical feints toward mysticism, Bush’s early works were still outfitted in the lavish dressings of a pop song, Bush’s mystic, craggy voice nestled deep in a pillow… read more »

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Music Pricing ... what I want to know ...


Hey folks, what're you all wingeing about? Amazon sells downloads at .99 per cut & the album is $8.99, an eyelash more than emusic. Still, making a living wage while being a pro musician is a butt-ugly proposal. I'm wondering if the artist gets more per cut if the downloads are sold for more? In which case, why would any of us who love music want to see music sold as cheaply as possible? Whatever happened to having desire dictated by quality? Sadly, these reviews say little about the music and make way too much of a deal over insignificant price differences.

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Crap pricing, crap redesign...


I love the previews here, Kate Bush has always been amazing... but is eMusic the only place you can preview this music? If I can preview it and buy the REAL object on Amazon for less money, WHY IN HELL would I buy this here? I really can't imagine why I'll still be an eMusic customer a year from now.

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Like the album, bought it elsewhere....


Like many of the above I am appalled at the new pricing structure from Emusic, I have complained a few times, warned them, they may be going the route of Netflix... BTW: As a long time Kate Bush fan, I do like this album...

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Very Amusing


The price, that is.

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Bush Embraces Ambience


For some reason I keep hitting the wrong button on my keyboard and losing my whole review. Suffice it to say this is sparse and ambient with room to breathe - just as her mentor David Gilmour has done for years. Love the less dense, less busy sound. Immediately accessible. And I'll admit I downloaded it from another site due to the cost. Highly recommended.

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More Price Confusion


This is a nice piece of work overall, with semblance of Joni Mitchell in spots. I normally like Sir John but this duet does not do him justice. And what's with the pricing? Individually the songs (as of now) are .89 cents. BUT if you buy them all as an album at $8.24, they are $1.18 each! i dont' get it.

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Tends towards a piano bar sound


There are sublime moments. However much of this recording tends towards a piano bar sound with pop flourishes that are pleasant, but does not live up to the critics’ hype. The saccharin duet with Elton John ruined the song Snowed In At Wheeler Street for me (and it was quickly deleted).

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I agree


Amazon has the CD for $6.99 with free shipping and you get the booklet. Shame on you e music!

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The writing's on the wall.


I can see it happening already... that subtle price creep upwards on "premium" artists. Pretty soon, everything emusic once stood for -- developing artists, reasonable prices -- will be gone. So sad. You can get this significantly cheaper on Amazon. And please do get it, Kate is one of the greats.

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