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Khanate album cover
Pieces of Quiet
Skin Coat
Torching Koraviev
Under Rotting Sky
No Joy
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Total Tracks: 5   Total Length: 56:25

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bad this is the only album by Khanate availble here.In this one they still sound like a (very ugly) doom metal band (relatively).On Things Viral they traded noise for silence and abstratction and the result is far more effective and in Clean Hands go Foul they break loose on horror and experientation....on those two albums, they turn into something ugly and impossible to classify.Like if you´ve seen some sea monster in a night alone and it was such a quick vision that you can´t call any witnes.So you may think you´re insane. However, there are very good music on this record: Pieces of Quiet and UnderRoting Sky worth the piece of admission PS:Look for the Live version of "No Joy" availble in youtube.It´s far superior(scarier) than the studio version...

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scary stuff


There is nothing you can say about Khanate that will prepare you for hearing it. It is hands-down some of the scariest, bleakest, most unfriendly music I've ever heard. Take spazz/jazz/prog-metal master James Plotkin, SunnO)))'s Stephen O'Malley, and Plotkin's partners in OLD crime and put them together, somehow Khanate is still far beyond what you'd imagine. Alan Dubin's vocals are super harsh and almost vomitous, and somehow Plotkin and O'Malley come up with the darkest, most disturbing chords that drench you in oppressive darkness without the need for Sunn's wall of massive distortion. Surprisingly, these long tracks can hold your attention — but they do require a little stamina in listening.

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Truly Disturbing


Some bands like to think they scare people, whether it's skinny puppy's over the top gorefest shows or slipknots dinky masks. But who is honestly disturbed by any of that crap? Khanate is in a whole different game. When the first track of this album kicks in it leaves you shivering and unnerved to the core. This really is doom at its finest, these guys deserve to be at least on par with Sunn o))) in record sales, guess they just dont have the same cred with pitchfork. This album is the stuff of nightmares, if you like disturbing dissonant droning doom I highly recommend it.

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I shudder with fear and loathing


I've heard many a despair-inducing song in my time, but nothing can touch the grimness of Khanate. Their singer sounds like he's having his nails ripped out while swallowing tacks. Guitar torturer man Greg Anderson plays riffs that are so slow and doom-riddled you'd think it was a slow earthquake tearing apart a graveyard headstone by headstone. This makes Sabbath seem like happy crappy new age music by camparison. Good luck if you should choose to download this, you may not return sane.

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"One of the defining traits of many Hydra Head releases would be the marriage between the ugly and the beautiful, the dissonant and the melodic," says former ISIS frontman Aaron Turner, a co-founder of the label alongside Mark Thompson. "This kind of synthesis is apparent through many of our artists regardless of genre, perhaps at times in spite of it." In other words, there's more to Hydra Head than a battering ram blend of molten melodies,… more »

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Doom metal may be the only genre where the words “dismal” and “wretched” are used as compliments, but if that seems strange, then take a brief listen to this album — very much a doom metal recording — and then try to imagine the band taking issue with such descriptions. Everything about it is carefully designed to evoke some feeling of pain, dread, or misery. The tempos are exaggeratedly slow, the vocals are yelped out in a high-pitched streak, the bass is distorted and sludgy, and the guitar spews out blasts of acidic feedback all over the place. But, Khanate realizes the difference between “good” dismal and “bad” dismal. Their songs are memorable, if unsettling — “Pieces of Quiet” and “Skin Coat” are as close as this kind of discordant, snail-paced music comes to being “catchy” — and they know how to pace their movements well enough to keep their ten-plus minute songs from wearing out their welcome. The production is also excellent, resulting in a very textured sound that’s well defined on both the low end and the high end. All in all, an impressive debut that should appeal to fans of this type of bitter, black-hearted doom metal as much as it should repulse pretty much the rest of the listening public. – William York

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