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Feldman: For Samuel Beckett

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Feldman: For Samuel Beckett album cover
For Samuel Beckett für 23 Spieler
Artist: Morton Feldman
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Total Tracks: 1   Total Length: 54:36

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I knew Morton Feldman


I was a teller at Morton Feldman's bank in the mid-80's. Usually his harried young assistant (she might have been a student, but the impression I got was that she worked for him at the University of Buffalo) would come in to do transactions for him. Occasionally he would come in himself. One day, she came in, was waiting in line - a minute later he comes in. Feldman sneaks up behind her and gooses her. She gives a shocked yelp. Instinctively twists around to see her attacker. He is grinning, chuckling like a boy, his big frame shaking. "Who'd you think it was?!"

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like a massive wind chime


One of Feldman's very last works, this piece for orchestra is similar to Coptic Light; we get clusters of sound from 4 instrumental ensembles occurring independently of each other. There is no "development", no manipulation of sound to build up an emotional state. Comparing with the CPO version on CD, this one is longer because pauses between clusters introduce more silent space; also here the sound is more blended together, or vague, while the CPO is more crisp and detailed. It's good to have both versions, but of course this one is far better value for money as an emusic download!