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Koast II Koast - Nickelbag EP

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Koast II Koast - Nickelbag EP album cover
Where's The Weed At
Neva Stop
Everybody Move
Pimpin Lessons
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Total Tracks: 4   Total Length: 16:58

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They Say All Music Guide

Koast II Koast finds the Kottonmouth Kings utilizing a lot less metal and a lot more hip-hop than usual. What’s surprising is how contemporary, how aware of what’s poppin’ the Kings are here and how comfortable they sound with these beats, as if Ludacris, G-Unit, and Paul Wall were all they’ve been listening to lately. Add just a little more swing to them and “Where’s the Weed At?” or “One Too Many Timez” could hang next to a Fat Joe song. Also admirable is that they don’t slap any kind of fake ghetto posturing on top, since the lyrics and rapping here are still suburban-flavored. Lines like “Can’t even buy the milk for the Captain Crunch” are pure Kottonmouth, and their usual stories of getting stoned and partying haven’t changed at all, for better or worse. If you’re a fan, it’s for the better, and as long as you don’t mind fewer guitars, more turntables, Koast II Koast is one of this unashamedly sophomoric crew’s better efforts. – David Jeffries

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