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Autobahn (2009 Digital Remaster)

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Autobahn (2009 Digital Remaster) album cover
Autobahn (2009 Digital Remaster)
Kometenmelodie 1 (2009 - Remaster)
Kometenmelodie 2 (2009 - Remaster)
Mitternacht (2009 - Remaster)
Morgenspaziergang (2009 - Remaster)
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Total Tracks: 5   Total Length: 42:48

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Barry Walters


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Their groundbreaking first international release
2009 | Label: Astralwerks - Caroline

Kraftwerk’s fourth German album and groundbreaking first international release combines the prog-rock mindset of 1974 with synth-played pop and self-built electronic percussion. Lacking the chops of Pink Floyd and Yes, Kraftwerk compensate with tunes, beats and concept. Autobahn‘s 23-minute title track is Hutter, Schneider and sleeve artist/lyricist Emil Schult’s impression of a lengthy journey on Germany’s famous speed-limit-free motorway. The tempo fluctuates to suggest differing pressures on the gas pedal while generating impressions of passing… read more »

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Under their spell


Autobahn was a grabber. I didn't think anything like this could be produced outside of the 60's but here, after the hippies, came new innovation. The only problem I had was finding the album. I appreciate the clarification on the words. I also heard it as 'fun, fun, fun on the autobahn' One of the engineers that I work with who is in his 70's dubbed a concert DVD of Kraftwek, so it not only appeals to a younger audience,,,,I'm selective as to what I like in electronica, but this is a must!

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