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Ladyhawke album cover
Manipulating Woman
My Delirium
Better Than Sunday
Another Runaway
Love Don’t Live Here
Back of The Van
Paris Is Burning
Professional Suicide
Dusk Til' Dawn
Crazy World
Morning Dreams
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Total Tracks: 12   Total Length: 43:52

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J. Edward Keyes


Joe Keyes writes about music.

Nervy New Zealander offers a dozen-plus rewrites of "Bette Davis Eyes." And, yes, that's a good thing
2008 | Label: Modular

Some artists are content to merely evoke the '80s, but Pip Brown opts instead to mimic it outright. The opening of her debut as Ladyhawke — name taken from, you guessed it, an '80s movie — sounds like "Heart of Glass," ('78, but you get the point) and the remainder plays like a freewheeling shuffle through the back catalogs of Cyndi Lauper and Belinda Carlisle.

If you read this as a bad thing, you're being too… read more »

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Going back to the 80s in a 2010s way!


Loved it!

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Good quality 80s-style pop that stands on its own


I rarely listen to pop music, and the whole 80s retro thing usually annoys me, yet this album is a gem. Ladyhawke managed to take many of the elements that made 80s music good, add some contemporary polish, and craft a very impressive number of catchy, well-written songs. As a result, the album feels more like a 'best of' than a debut! I've read that she has Asperger's and spent her childhood intensely absorbed in music - maybe that's why she's able to nail the styles so well. Compared to a lot of 80s songs, there's a certain laid-back quality to the vocals here that either shows tasteful restraint and maturity, or else halfheartedness and inauthenticity, depending on your point of view. But definitely worth a listen either way.

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80s hair rock, updated


Like Joan Jett meets Billy Idol meets the 21st century.

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Great Discovery


In the past years, just when I walked away from modern rock music, this gem pops up. Excellent Aussie/NZ group mixed a nice blend of New Wave, AOR, Power Pop with traces of Modern Indie Rock (i.e. Beck and Arcade Fire). Highly recomend picking this up! Best album of 2008.

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Takes me back!


Every now and then an artist just nails a style or genre. Ladyhawke does this with 80s synth pop, and in a serious way, not ironic. If more music from the 80's era was like this, it wouldn't get such a bad rap. She skillfully uses clever yet simple song writing, great arrangements and vocal performance. My Delirium is my favorite.

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Magic Delerium


Magic, My Delerium and Paris is Burning are alternative top 3 picks...

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my favorite Lady


just download the whole album. I downloaded a couple songs at first but its all good.

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Good pop


Not as great as the retro pop tunes cranked out by The Sounds or Freezepop, but at least worthy of being mentioned in the same commentary. Good for cheering up a tedious drive.

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A real grower. Not a duff track in sight.

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Addictive stuff!


After initially downloading a few tracks to sample Ladyhawke, I came back to get the whole album. Craving more, as this music is just fanastic. Music like this makes emusic worth it. What a great discovery!

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Who Is…Ladyhawke

By Kristina Feliciano, Contributor

So much about Ladyhawke recalls the 1980s. A little bit of Kim Wilde with equal parts Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham rolled into one, New Zealand-bred, London-based Pip Brown writes and performs synth-infused pop informed by what she calls the "happy-sad sound" of the spandex decade. Ladyhawke, her hugely entertaining debut album, is so uncannily reminiscent of the '80s that if it had been released back then, she'd be an instant pop star; Martha Quinn… more »

They Say All Music Guide

Unlike her indie-disco counterparts CSS, the Gossip and Ting Tings, New Zealand one-woman show Ladyhawke has yet to break through to the mainstream, despite possessing a much more polished sound that seems tailor-made for the upper reaches of the charts. Her self-titled debut album, co-written with the likes of Pascal Gabriel (Dido) and Hannah Robinson (Girls Aloud) suggests that commercial success will surely only be a matter of time. Not afraid to plunder both her cool and distinctly uncool record collection, Ladyhawke, aka Pip Brown, has crafted 13 instantly accessible songs, each of which sounds like a potential hit single. Heavily influenced by synth pop, new wave, and AOR in equal measures, Ladyhawke, sounds like a who’s who of ’80s pop. “Back of the Van” is the Pretenders meets Van Halen’s “Jump”; “Professional Suicide” sounds like a lost classic Gary Numan single; while the storming chorus of “My Delirium” echoes the power pop of the Bangles and the Go Go’s. Best of all is “Crazy World,” whose chugging basslines and dreamy synths would perfectly fit the closing scenes of a Brat Pack movie. But despite its blatant retro vibe, it still manages to sound fresh thanks to its clever production and Brown’s fiery and vibrant vocals. She may be a rather awkward live performer, but on record she’s full of charisma and personality, and never more so than on the thumping “From Dusk Til Dawn” and the highly infectious “Paris Is Burning,” arguably two of the finest pop singles to miss the Top 40 in recent times. Ladyhawke is unlikely to win any awards for originality but you’d be hard pressed to find a more consistent and hook-laden debut all year. – Jon O’Brien

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