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Last Temptation of Reid

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Last Temptation of Reid album cover
Pineapple Face
Mate Spawn and Die
Drug Raid at 4 AM
Can God Fill Teeth?
Bozo Skeleton
Sylvestre Matuschka
They're Coming to Take Me Away
I Am Your Clock
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Total Tracks: 9   Total Length: 57:07

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This rocks!


It's Ministry with Jello.Does that sound like it would suck?Of course not!Well,maybe the last track.I've never been able to make it all the way thru that one...but the rest is awesome!Forkboy!!

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I was never a big Ministry fan. I bought this album because of Jello. I was pleasantly surprised that the music was what kept me coming back. Forkboy, Pineapple Face, and Mate, Spawn & Die are the best off this one. Bozo Skeleton is a bit preachy and self-pitying, but I still dig it. Drug Raid at 4 AM is a bit too long, but it still holds my interest. The rest, I could do without. A hell of a collaboration.

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Classic Cover


"They're Coming to Take Me Away" is a cover song. It was a novelty hit back in the 60's for Napoleon XIV.

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Man do I miss those days.....


When this shit came out in 1990 (yeeowch, can it really be 17 years??) I had no idea just how bad so-called alternative could get. Listening to this takes me on such a great trip down memory lane. I always dug the DKs & Jello and LOVED Ministry. When they collaborated, I was in Heaven!! And you know what? It still stands up. I wish I could con my local "alternative" (to what?) radio station into playing it. I don't think any of the kiddies today would even know it was from the beginning of the 90's (as in, before Pearl Jam and Nirvana). Where the hell are Jello and Al J. when you need 'em??

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Best Biafra Since The Dead Kennedys


For me this is the best thing that Jello Biafra has done musically since the Dead Kennedys split. Why this isn't an Editor's Pick I just don't know. The two Lard EPs are Editor's Picks, but personally I think that only their title tracks (The Power of Lard and 70s Rock Must Die) are up to the standard of this album.

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Best of best!


This is the best album industrial metal and punk have to offer! Ever. Lyrics, music, production, performance. Classic that still sounds fresh like it was recorded today. From 1 to 10, this one deserves 11.

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Oh how I love this record!


Jello and Ministry pull it off brilliantly. Download all of these, please. Cult classic!! Oh and then go download Pure Chewing Satisfaction, then everything else from Lard. New Lard in '06!!!!

They Say All Music Guide

On paper, the collaboration between Jello Biafra and Ministry seems like a match made in industrial punk heaven, and thankfully the first release from Lard lives up to these expectations. Both parties seemed to have taught the other side a thing or two: Jello Biafra is more focused than usual, while Alain Jourgensen and Paul Barker from Ministry sound a lot more punky and loose. The percussion, courtesy of Bill Rieflin and the late Jeff Ward, is firmly in an industrial style, though — all mechanized metallic thrashing, but it works just fine with the material. The standout track is “Forkboy,” the album’s opener, a frantic guitar workout with Biafra’s righteous anger coming through loud and clear. The rest of the album isn’t quite as strong, but it’s still better than anything Biafra and Ministry have done in later years. – Jim Harper

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