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Ride the Skies

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Ride the Skies album cover
Saint Jacques
13 Monsters
Ride the Sky
The Faire Folk
Into the Mist 2
Wee One's Parade
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Total Tracks: 8   Total Length: 35:32

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changed my life


sightings, pink and brown, lightning bolt. mr. roboto project. pittsburgh. ah, youth. sun ra says, "this is the record every experimental artist before and after it has tried to put out."

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Epic Journeys


It seems like the songs aren't really songs, but stories, tales told through feedbacky vocals, fuzzed out bass and a piecemeal drumkit with a broken ride. Completely amazing, you won't get tired of this record- trust me. I listened to this record exclusively for the better part two months straight, and I can't even remember the last time I did that with any band. Get it, and then lament that they're not touring anymore, because their shows are the stuff legends are made of.

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Freakin' Amazing!


If you are a fan of any kind of heavy music, you should check this out. Lightning Bolt is just a bass player and a drummer and there's no room for anything else.Live this band sends people into ecstatic trance. One of the best bands ever!

They Say All Music Guide

When you break it down to the nitty-gritty, 99% of musicians who compose their own material are trying to do one of two things. The majority attempt to form songs, and of course there are a million different theories about what makes a good song, in terms on length, structure, aesthetic considerations, and so on. There are others, however, who have no real ambition to write songs in the traditional sense. Their goals are better described by the two-word term “sound bombardment.” Artists who strive for this noble aim attempt to concoct original combinations of noise bursts to stimulate an audience in such a way that they will reconsider the way they look at music. The aptly named Lightning Bolt, a drums/bass duo from Providence, RI, falls into the latter category. Ride the Skies is a rhythmic explosion of distorted guitar solos and hurried drums. Most tracks give off the effect of a driver’s education student stepping on the accelerator and brake at the same time. Start, burst, stop. Repeat. It’s explosive, heavy, exciting, and rushed, and then it all stops. And starts again. Patterns are made and then immediately broken. A hard nut to crack, but an original listening experience. For open-minded listeners only. – Kieran McCarthy

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