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Lightning Dust

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Lightning Dust album cover
Listened On
When You Go
Wind Me Up
Take Me Back
Jump In
Castles and Caves
Days Go By
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 32:54

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No worries


After reading a couple of reviews i must admit i was a little hesitant about grabbing this little ball tearer, as Amber Webbers vibrato style had been causing some headaches. But i needn't have been, her Chan Marshall like voice is a pleasure to the ears. Ligtning Dust is a great folk album and is for those of you who get a little wet over unorthodox vocals.

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dark and moody


dark, moody, well crafted album here. some of the best vocals i've heard in a long time. give it a listen...please.

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listening to Amber Webber sing is like heaven. but better.

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Sweet album...


I saw an article of Lightning Dust in HARP magazine. I was so curios that i looked for their album in emusic. The music is beautiful and catching. The female vocalist and the simple guitars make this unique sound.

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By Marissa G. Muller, Contributor

At this point, the breakup album has been bent into countless shapes. So rather than try to re-shape it, on their debut album My Gold Mask's Gretta Rochelle and Jack Armondo simply amplified its effects. They didn't skimp on dramatics, with Rochelle's pleading vocals, Armondo's spiraling guitar riffs and lyrics that grapple with psychosis and reference Gothic literature and Italo horror flicks. The result achieves a spellbinding emotional intensity that's easy to inhabit. Marissa G. Muller… more »

They Say All Music Guide

Members of Vancouver’s psychedelic space rock monster Black Mountain have formed several side projects up until this point, and what’s striking is that all of these ensembles, duos, and solo acts have been consistently good. Lightning Dust, comprised of Amber Webber and Joshua Wells, is no exception; their self-titled debut is stark, curst, strange, and compelling. It’s the sparse, meditative complement to Black Mountain’s galloping repertoire: epic acid folk twined in the latter band’s energy charged synth-trippery. To put it another way, this is Black Sabbath’s witchy-hippy granddaughter, or Devendra Banhart’s Mood-wielding twin sister. Lightning Dust, at its core, is all about Webber’s deep, dark vocals (think Chan Marshall meets Grace Slick) and her haunting lyrics. And the fact that she’s been given room to move into the forefront on Lightning Dust is pretty much the disc’s biggest draw; she’s come out from behind Black Mountain’s sauropaud-sized rock and into her own. This album is by and large plodding and melancholy, but Lightning Dust manage to inject it with enough tension to keep things from growing sodden and mirey. In fact, the album is at its best when the mood is dark; the sole upbeat number, “Wind Me Up,” actually sounds disproportionate and contrived compared to the rest of the tracks. Wells and Webber haven’t delved into strikingly new territory on this disc; many of the tracks found here, “Take Me Back” and “Heaven” in particular, sound like they’d be right at home on a Black Mountain release. If there’s anything to be learned from Lightning Dust, it’s that Webber’s talent is essentially buried under the weight of Black Mountain. She’s a huge vocalist, and in some respects she might be a more rewarding musician than Black Mountain frontman Stephen McBean. – Margaret Reges

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