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Catching A Tiger

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Catching A Tiger album cover
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When I'm Alone
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In Sleep
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Little Lovin'
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Loosen the Knot
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Everywhere I Go
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Worried About
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Look Away
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Oh Mississippi
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Total Tracks: 12   Total Length: 47:17

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Amanda Petrusich


Amanda Petrusich is the author of the forthcoming DO NOT SELL AT ANY PRICE (Scribner), a book about collectors of rare 78 rpm records (if you’ve got a basement...more »

Lissie, Catching A Tiger
Label: Fat Possum Records

For decades, barstool critics (and bespectacled ethnomusicologists) have been adamantly declaring blues music the source of all contemporary pop and rock — but the genre's influence has been diluted and reconfigured enough that it's rare to hear anything that sounds like real blues blaring from an overworked car stereo. On her debut full-length, Illinois-born singer and songwriter Lissie Maurus manages to pull the blues back into pop with a voice — textured, winsome and imbued… read more »

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Good Surprise!


In my opinion, there ain’t no blues being pulled back that I can hear, but a solid album by a talented singer. If you like strong voices and some pretty visual lyrics, this is gonna be better than most of the stuff you have heard lately.

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I agree with...


Funoka! One of the best (& favorites) for 2010! I love her voice & each time I listen it pulls me in again! I have played this many-many times. That's when you know you have a great-great find! Listen for your self. Amazing production and very textured and layered songs...Mike-E Likes!

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A voice with an edge beyond her years


I bought this album on a lark because of the the first track caught my attention. After having listen to the songs for the past couple of months, it's really grown on me. You can tell she's having a blast, enjoying her music. There are moments when her voice just hits me in the heart. Great lyrics.

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Ain't no blues here!


I hate false advertising. This album is being advertised as having a strong blues influence. Listening to all the samples, I can safely say there is 0% blues in this. It is a pop album--possibly a very good one for all I know--but why lie to people and tell them she has a blues voice?

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I think I might have to listen to this a few more times before I could say I love it . But Lissie is definately someone to watch

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Very Catchy!


I have to say that this album really grew on me after a few listens. Some very catchy tunes on here. They arent all great, but there are a few gems! (Little Lovin' might be my fav).

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so much to love


wow! can't stop listening to this. definitely a contender for best album of the year in my book. just so much to love on this album.

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My new favorite album!


Holy smokes, this is good stuff. I can't stop listening to it. A few commenters said that it's too over-produced, but I disagree. For sure, it's tight and polished, but that doesn't mean over-produced or soulless. Most of the songs are catchy as hell, (When I'm Alone, In Sleep, Cuckoo) and are just a joy to listen to. The instrumentation is very strong, as evidenced by the killer guitar solo in "In Sleep". Lissie really seems to have found her own sound here... Her "Why You Runnin'" EP is good, but she seems to be copying Neko Case's sound too much. In this album, she's her own girl, and the Neko Case sound is merely an influence. I really really like this girl and this album, and hope she goes far!

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Great second comming.


I am very impressed with her vocals. Why You Runnin' was no better than the demos many of the local musicians I ran the sound for, but this one is very clean well recorded. She sounds very passionate about her songs on Catching A Tiger, where as on Why You Runnin' she sounded very generic. Hope to hear more from her.

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Why not stick with the same formula?


The "Why You Runnin'" EP was fantastic. The new formula on "Catching a Tiger" is a huge disappointment. It's like an album-full of bad Stevie Nicks songs. Where did the raw edges and all of the feeling go? If this is meant for the pop airwaves, it's going to fail. And if it's meant for the indie crowd, it's surely going to fail. It's just a big ol' disappointment!!

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