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Little Dragon

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Little Dragon album cover
Turn Left
No Love
Constant Surprises
After The Rain
Place to Belong
Stormy Weather
Scribbled Papers
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Total Tracks: 12   Total Length: 50:33

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Nice album, weak bit rate


If you like this genre (electro-lounge-jazz-etc) you will likely enjoy this set a lot. My one complaint is the typically low bit rate (as low as 139kbps), which is a pity given how nicely the album was produced.

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Nice but Affected


A nice enough, pleasant enough listen, but the affectations make the album a bit awkward. Feels more like a pose of jazz or R&B than something with real soul and feeling.

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Hello, what's this??


Another lovely eMusic-inspired discovery. I skip over half the tracks, but simply LOVE songs like "Twice", "Scribble Paper", "No Love" and "Constant Surprises".

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I am normally a Hip-Hop head and make rare strays from the genre. This is one of those times. I really dig this album. Her voice is amazing, the music is awesome and I am not good with adjectives so those descriptions will have to do =( Favorites include: Twice, Forever, Constant Surprises and After the Rain... although almost all of the album is great.

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Well, lets relax


I felt Eryka And a whole lot of soul and simplisity in the album that brought me back to my routs in Manhatte in the late 90's. Fresh, hot, sexy and innovational. Love it!!!!! Great Voice,, you manage to give me music

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JapaNordic R&D RnB


Just a marvellous album. Yukimi Nagano has a voice sometimes like Macy Gray, sometimes like a Middle Eastern microtonal muse. She's got more soul than anyone coming out of the US RnB scene, even if she's a Japanese-Swede. Just a perfect album start to finish. Lovely.

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Thrilling and moving


Little Dragon's debut album will not leave any man with a soul unmoved. 'Twice', a slow harmonious piano piece backed with mellow strings and a haunting voice, gets you nice and tender for the next few songs, which are more upbeat. 'Turn Left', an upbeat track with eclectic use of electronic instrumentals, or 'Constant Surprises', an R&B styled song which blows you out of your seat. Little Dragon knit their tune in a thoroughly consistent album, the lead voice weaving you back and forth at her whim - and it's a bloody enjoyable ride.

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Miscategorized here, but still Lovely


I wouldn't call this project rock or pop, although there are certainly elements of both through out. But so is there house, hip-hop, electronic, and some other flows .... If you know Yukimi's voice from the Hird or Koop projects, then you'll be satisfied with how she keeps it right on track with Little Dragon.

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Been waiting a while for this album, not disapointed at all. Highlights have gota be Test and Forever. Yukimi's vocals are amazing as always. Well worth getting.

eMusic Features


Interview: Little Dragon

By Elisa Bray, Contributor

Little Dragon formed in high school, 11 years before their self-titled debut album saw the light of day. Gothenburg teenagers drummer Erik Bodin and bassist Fredrik Wallin were so enthralled by the airy soul vocals of their 14-year-old schoolmate, Japanese-Swedish Yukimi Nagano, that they asked her to join their new, experimental electro-pop band. The band name followed shortly afterward, as did keyboardist Hakan Wirenstrand. It might have taken some time to get moving, but Little Dragon… more »

They Say All Music Guide

For years now, the world of music has been too global and interconnected for one to truly be surprised at an outfit such as Little Dragon, but it’s no less a wonder that a sound as American as soul and R&B can infuse the music this pervasively of a group of high school buddies from Sweden. Little Dragon is a dynamic self-titled debut that is yet another credible and enchanting Euro-approximation of soul and rhythm & blues. Vocalist Yukimi Nagano displays all the subtle inflections and conspicuous acrobatics that have identified the R&B genre for years, but specifically the more recent paradigms of the Chaka Khans and MJBs, noted easily on the album’s highlight “Constant Surprises.” Meanwhile, “Wink” is a sexy, synth-heavy club banger that might conjure some of the more poppish acts (Rihanna). But the album — and group — don’t stop there, thankfully. They give you everything from quaint piano ballads (“Twice”) to jazz-drenched pieces, like “After the Rain” where keyboardist Håkan Wirenstrand makes like Herbie Hancock with his sparse and dissonant chording. “Forever” is an ambient number meant for dark lounges with a lot of pheromone activity. It’s a genuine album bolstered by the group’s collective artistry. It proves, once again, that geography has very little to do with authenticity. – Vincent Thomas

more »