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Momentary Setback

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Momentary Setback album cover
The Wanderer
Just Like That
Blue Jeans
French Cafe
Momentary Setback
Gotta Be More
My God
Jeremiah's Prayer
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Total Tracks: 8   Total Length: 30:59

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OK,I have 4 generations of dairy farmers in my family; I know cheese. This is thoughtful,eclectic and soulful.Try some with bourbon,not whine.

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HE's HURTIN' Ya'll!!


I first saw Marc on the Rock Boat in 2005 and it was the BEST SHOW ON THE BOAT!!! He's got the moves, the voice, the soul....everything it takes for blues!!! He also has a great personality....when you get to talk to him one on one he is down to earth!!! When he is onstage you can feel his pain and he takes you away with just a few chords and the sound of his swingin southern voice! A Must SEE for live performance and down home blues sound!!

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I cant make my mind up!


I can't decide if I like this guy or not! He has a great voice, which is the reason I downloaded the album. But it's so damn cheesey, cheesey lyrics, cheesey programmed beats... but it's catchy.. I don't know.. catchy cheese.. cheesey catchiness...catch the cheese.. smell my cheese.. THIS IS CHEESE!!! ??

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Great Artist!!!


I just discovered Marc recently...which in a way doesn't make sense since I live in Louisiana. But anyway...his bluesy style is awesome! Just wish more of his stuff was available here. :(

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Marc Broussard has blown me away. His music makes me wanna sing and dance and I can't do either. My favorite song on this album is Jeremiah's Prayer. He wrote it for his childhood friend when he passed away. He was asked by Jeremiah's mother to sing at the funeral, but didn't know what to sing. He wrote this song sitting in the pews at the funeral. I have to warn you, you will cry when you hear this song, if you have a heart.

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Louisiana Soul & Blues


A kind of noughties swamp rock / new'awlins soul / jazzy blues from Mr. Broussard. Not easy to categorise (which is how I like it), kinda Delbert McClinton meets Amazing Rhythm Aces meets John Hiatt meets Lloyd Jones. Probably best to not try and pigeon hole the music, simply enjoy it for the very solid, warm, funky, r&b that it is. Worth the effort of downloading, you will not be disappointed.

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Love it - great sound,&voice


feelings spoken out ... Go ahead marc ! Well, we all have to learn from every step we go... we can only learn from mistakes...(maybe) love your album, love your voice !

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Fine Blue-Eyed Soul


If you like your R & B with an acoustic twist - this one's for you! Vocally reminiscent of Jonny Lang, with all the smooth you'd expect a soulful lifer...DOWNLOAD IT - you'll see.

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like Jonny Lang...


more so than Keb Mo, but maybe it's just that Keb's voice has more character and Jonny's youth shows through. I looked for this guy after I heard a few songs off his new "covers" album and I like this stuff better (unless you can find "Come in from the cold" somewhere else) but definitely the first 4 songs more than the last 4.

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marc has soul


soul. blues. foot tapping. totally entertaining. one of the best voices i've ever heard... and even better live. talent. talent. talent. songs best listened to with eyes shut tight and head bobbing in affirmation (except when listening in the car of course... then you can open one eye slightly) bottom line, marc is the man.

They Say All Music Guide

Momentary Setback is undeniably a strange choice for the title of one’s debut release, hardly suggesting a vote of self-confidence. Yet this first release from southern Louisiana native Marc Broussard is brimming with confidence and self-assurance. Broussard sounds many, many years older than he was at the time of the album’s recording, bearing a gritty, at times ferocious delivery that seems to channel street spirits. Or more likely, the spirits of still-kicking blues-rockers like John Hiatt and Delbert McClinton, or perhaps the bayou’s own Dr. John. Producer Marshall Altman, himself a heartland rock veteran via his short-lived band Farmer, intuitively understands Broussard’s growling, road-worn inclinations, and gives him just the right framework in which to explore them. Key to the sound is Shawn Carter’s magnificently textured organ, and his clavinet playing, shining most brightly on “Just Like That” and “Blue Jeans.” It’s not a modern sound, but it’s the right sound. Momentary Setback isn’t as much fun in the second half when it takes a decidedly more spiritual bent, but this abbreviated LP (or is it an extended EP?) presents Marc Broussard as a talented songwriter and storyteller, and an astonishingly gifted and unique vocalist. – Joseph McCombs

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