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Todmorden 513

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Total Tracks: 8   Total Length: 60:57

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Todmorden 513


This album reminds me of Reuter's work on 'Unwound', on which he collaborated with Ian Boddy. On the surface 'Todmorden' seems like classical music with sounds reminiscent of a violin quartet, but the whole thing is actually made through electroacoustics, processed through feedback loops and such. It has resulted in an album that is very complex and eerie, something that engages you both intellectually and emotionally. Ambient music usually gets interpreted as "space music" in my mind, that's simply how my brain works, and with 'Todmorden' I get a highly foreboding and mysterious picture of what Space is. To me it conjures up the same feeling of "dangerous romanticism" as Goldsmith's score for the film 'Alien'. If you like music of the complex, surreal and somewhat darker kind, whether neoclassical or ambient, then this is well worth a look.