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Les Fleurs

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Les Fleurs album cover
Oeillet Sauvage
6:13   $0.99
La Digitale Pourpre
4:42   $0.99
Coeur Saignant
4:33   $0.99
6:24   $0.99
3:51   $0.99
Gueule De Loup
6:13   $0.99
5:25   $0.99
Oeillet En Delta
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Total Tracks: 8   Total Length: 51:51

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Creative Soundscapes::Re- - dundant Construction


Marsen Jules crafts some very intriguing compilations of sound with varied ambient textures and acoustic harmonies. Yet, in my opinion, he lacks a creative song structure to go along with his fine instrumentation. As a result, after an initial listen, the soundscapes become rather dull due to their lack of diversity and insistance on unnecessary repetition. (If you like Jules' work, you might also enjoy Code 46 by Free Association)

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being a big fan of marsen jules and his other moniker krill.minima, i downloaded this one despite the negative review posted here. if you are a fan of rich, electric, cinematic ambience, then this one is not for you. however in my view, the subtle, meditative repetition and dense layering of acoustic sounds is full of subtle emotion and feeling. yes it is stark, bleak, and understated. but it is a deep exploration of the hidden beauty therein.

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Avoid this one


I really enjoyed Marsen Jules' first album here City Centre Off. Ambiant music with beautiful rich textures. I hoped for more of the same with Les Fleurs but what a disappointment. If you record each 30 second review, loop it for 5 odd minutes, you have heard this album. Gone is any attempt to develop music or ideas. Instead there is a quite dreary repetition of dull notes. It's minimalism at its worse. Maybe this would work in some art installation, but for listening pleasure, it's a zero

They Say All Music Guide

Much like a good percentage of quality releases on City Centre Offices, Marsen Jules’ latest offering is perfect for the bleak early evenings of the autumn and winter months, a notion reinforced not only by the somber 4AD-like packaging, but by the restraint of notes and tension found in the album’s opening piece. Jules continues this throughout the record, fusing organic sounds with electronic atmospherics and sampled string loops. The stunning “Coeur Saignant” easily calls to mind the classic ambient sounds of Wolfgang Voigt’s Gas project, and easily re-creates the feeling of the series’ finest moments. Overall, Jules presents an atmosphere of tension and winter, and the comforts of warmth the season can bring. Easily one of the most underrated electronic albums of 2006. – Rob Theakston

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