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Matthew Ryan Vs. The Silver State

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Matthew Ryan Vs. The Silver State album cover
Dulce Et Decorum Est
7:02   $0.99
American Dirt
4:33   $0.99
Meet Me By The River
4:49   $0.99
It Could've Been Worse
5:45   $0.99
Hold On Firefly
2:41   $0.99
Jane, I Still Feel The Same
3:41   $0.99
Killing The Ghost
4:02   $0.99
They Were Wrong
4:17   $0.99
I Only Want To Be The Man You Want
4:20   $0.99
Drunk And Disappointed
4:35   $0.99
Closing In
4:43   $0.99
Rainy Night In Soho
5:31   $0.99
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Total Tracks: 12   Total Length: 55:59

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Perhaps his best (and that is saying something!)


Incredible album. "It Could Have Been Worse" is a classic as is "American Dirt" and "Drunk and Disappointed". Just download the whole album!

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Absolute brilliance


This album can at the same time shred your soul and rebuild it. "American Dirt" is just incredible. "It Could Have Been Worse" is just gut wrenchingly beautiful. "Drunk and Disappointed" sounds like something that should get substantial airplay, yet I've never heard it on any radio station. A pure gem and one of my top favorite albums of all time.

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If cigarettes could sing...


Smoky, raspy, whispered and immediate, Ryan's lyrics are delivered fresh to your ear every time. One of his first albums was recorded around the clock in a windswept farmhouse, over the course of two weeks, chainsmoking all the while. That's the way Ryan performs, and that freshness is manifested in his music. Like Thelonious Monk, who would refuse to record a track on a given day if his guys couldn't lay it down in four takes or less...

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Best of '08: Matthew Ryan


Not to be confused with Matt Ryan, the quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons, though I wish the singer/songwriter was as famous as the first round draft pick out of Boston College. Matthew has been composing rock and alt country music for over 10 years, sometimes recording in his home and releasing his music on his web site. This album further cements Ryan's talent as a genius songwriter, with his distinctive raspy voice pushing through ballads and belting out the rock and/or roll. My favorite lyric is from "Could Have Been Worse." Her mascara was born to run. Awesome. Standout Tracks: "Dulce Et Decorum Est," "American Dirt," "It Could've Been Worse," "Drunk and Disappointed"

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Another Step Forward


This record is fantastic - full of raw, honest, and intriguing songs that ache with the weight of life, of loss, and even hope. Matthew Ryan is a superb songwriter who has yet to fall into a predictable hole. Each album has seen him mine a different layer and this one, recorded mostly live, has the burned out passion that you may have missed on his recent, more polished and studio honed work. Highlights include Jane, Drunk and Disappointed, It Could Have Been Worse, and American Dirt, but there isn't a weak song in the bunch. Even the cover that closes out the album does its job well. Don't miss this album - then buy the back catalog.

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Another masterpiece


You simply cannot go wrong with a Matthew Ryan cd, that is unless you're looking for a pop star. This is gritty, emotional shit. This guy WILL be a legend.

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It's a crime!!!!!


Album of the year! You should own all his music. His name should be spoken with the greats.