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Live At Billy Bob's Texas: Motorcycle Cowboy

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Live At Billy Bob's Texas: Motorcycle Cowboy album cover
Misery And Gin
3:47   $0.99
I Think I'll Just Stay Here And Drink
3:56   $0.99
Workin' Man Blues
3:17   $0.99
Silver Wings
4:02   $0.99
Swinging Doors
3:07   $0.99
That's The Way Love Goes
3:04   $0.99
The Bottle Let Me Down
4:38   $0.99
Ramblin' Fever
4:34   $0.99
The Emptiest Arms In The World
3:01   $0.99
Mama Tried
2:27   $0.99
Hungry Eyes
3:36   $0.99
Motorcycle Cowboy / Blue Yodel No. 13
4:56   $0.99
If We Make It Through December
2:56   $0.99
Are The Good Times Really Over
3:55   $0.99
Okie From Muskogee
3:01   $0.99
Big City
3:15   $0.99
Ida Road
2:07   $0.99
Today I Started Loving You Again
3:56   $0.99
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Total Tracks: 18   Total Length: 63:35

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A great live document!


Great song selection and good sound. Highly recommended as portrait Merle live and having a good time.

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Workin' Man


Merle Haggard is a working musician. He goes onstage with a hot band, and he sings the hell out of his tunes. Merle has re-recorded his hits many times, but Live At Billy Bob's Texas: Motorcycle Cowboy should not be casually dismissed as a re-recording. It's a live album with a super band led by one of the great vocalists of our time. The original recordings are classics, but hearing this recent live alum confirms that Mr. Haggard is no nostalgia act.

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Not his best


I'm a big Merle Haggard fan, but I don't think that this album is one of his best. While this album covers several of his biggest hits (mama tried, big city) I prefer the album versions of most of the songs here. The crowd noise is also somewhat distracting on some of the tracks.

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merle haggard live at billy bob's


If you like Merle you'll love this live album at Billy Bob's. It was on New Years Eve and everyone was wound up tight as a clock including Merle. If you like Redd Volkeheart's Tele Twanging then it's worth the price of this live album. Norm is right on as well. Merle does some of his biggest hits as well as a couple of obscure songs. Motorcycle Mama is a great funny song and Redd tears up the lead ride. So to sum it up download this album if you like Merle or if your a fan of good steel guitar players and killer tele twangers because ol' Redd is the king of Twang! Big Bob

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Billy Bob’s Texas is the self-proclaimed “World’s Largest Honky-Tonk,” and ever since its opening in 1981, it has been a tourist attraction in Fort Worth, Texas. Not only that, it’s been featured in several films, so it’s not surprising that it is known throughout America as the ultimate honky tonk. It’s also not surprising that Billy Bob’s decided to turn out a series of live albums by country legends who have performed at the venue. Merle Haggard’s record is the fourth in the series, and Hag is by far the biggest name that Billy Bob’s has yet featured. Not entirely coincidentally, it’s the best in the series, as well, even if it isn’t really a spectacular live album from Hag. That just goes to show how strong Merle and the Strangers (augmented by several sidemen, including the legendary Johnny Gimble) really are — even if they give an average performance, it’s still musically rich and terrifically entertaining. This live disc illustrates that. Even with it’s overly clean production, which places his vocals too far forward in the mix, it’s hard not to get caught up in the music, especially since he performs an unabashed crowd-pleasing set. It’s not an exceptional performance, and it isn’t particularly energetic, but it is enjoyable — not only for hardcore fans, but for less-dedicated listeners as well, since these are great songs performed very well by a great band. – Stephen Thomas Erlewine

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