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Expektoration... Live

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Expektoration... Live album cover
Act 1
Artist: MF DOOM
Artist: MF DOOM
Act 2
Artist: MF DOOM
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Total Tracks: 3   Total Length: 51:21

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Wondering Sound

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Ilya Zinger


MF DOOM feat. Big Benn Klingon, Expektoration... Live
2010 | Label: Gold Dust / !K7 Records

A general rule of thumb regarding live albums is that they're either artistic cop-outs or obvious cash-ins. So it helps your credibility if you happen to be MF Doom, an indie rap god of sorts, who treats hip-hop as theater, cycling through interchangeable personas (there's MF Doom, King Geedorah and Viktor Vaughn…for now) like he's putting on a one-man play. Expektoration, only his second official live release — the first being 2005's Live… read more »

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We are all Doomed


If your a fan of doom or just ride the Bus. Buy this, even if you don't ride the bus. Ill flows.

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wow, an hour for three credits. i'm down!

They Say All Music Guide

While the masked rapper has been known to send lip-syncing “Doomposters” to his gigs in his place, MF Doom fans can rest assured that this live album features the real deal. Anyone who bought the limited edition of MM..Food? has the video proof, as much of this album is an audio rip of that package’s bonus DVD. Redundancy aside, this is a fantastic show fans won’t mind revisiting. Act 1 features tracks from MM..Food? (including the killer opener “Hoe Cakes”) and Madvillainy (check the massive version of “Accordion”), while Act 2 features Operation Doomsday-era selections like “Doomsday” and “Hey!” Sound quality is fine and the intermission is entertaining, with the Star Trek character Worf explaining the album’s title with “Expektoration is a common side effect of speaking Klingon.” The bootleg packaging and lack of a track list point to the release’s target audience, Doom regulars looking for something better than 2005’s live album Live from Planet X. – David Jeffries

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