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Total Tracks: 11   Total Length: 40:45

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Michael Knott, "Fluid"


This is my favorite and most-played MK album. "Life of David" runs a very close second. Thematic, lush, hard...it fits all the categories for someone like me who is a literary shoegazing rocker. Knott looks at the world with eyes more open than perhaps any would like to see. I feel like I'm reading a story by Colm Toibin or Nelson Algren when I listen to this recording. Raw, sometimes in-eloquent, yet eloquent even in its in-eloquence Never awkward, always true in tone and sentiment. And it rocks hard!

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Overlooked gem


Michael Knott has not made it to the hot one hundred on any popular media but he sure made it to mine. Fluid is just one of many great albums. Michael lays his soul bare again and sets it to music that moves and jars you and forces you to listen, and then to listen again.