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Transfer Station Blue

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Transfer Station Blue album cover
Communiqué: Approach Spiral
Artist: Michael Shrieve
Artist: Michael Shrieve
Transfer Station Blue
Artist: Michael Shrieve
View From The Window
Artist: Michael Shrieve
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Total Tracks: 4   Total Length: 37:47

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Oh, tape we harldly knew ye


I had this on a cassette tape as well. I wonder if it was ever on vinyl. I really liked the ambient/jungle feel of it. Great to walk around with it in your ears. I'm glad to find it here. I'm certain the cassette wouldn't transfer too well to digital. It might even sound worse than vinyl (as it relates to making a copy).

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Nice Surprise!


I used to have this album years ago on cassette (anybody remember those?), and I loved it. What an amazing surprise to find it here! It's not a very long album, but the four tracks that it does have make for a nice little aural escape. Well crafted space music with a nice beat that makes the tunes seem much longer then they really are, in a very good way. Just one more reason I love emusic!

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Rare and beautiful


This CD was very hard to find for quite a while and remains a personal favorite of mine. It is not as long as it could be, of course, yet manages to reach me just the same. This has some interesting sections that show true creativity as the songs mix beats with space style ambience. I have to rate this a 5! I heard about it when it was first released and it took a while to locate it after searching at several music stores, hey remember them? I finally got the CD at a pawn shop for a very reasonable cost and I still have it. I think I first heard it on KLCC radio in Eugene Oregon on the program "Another Green World" back in the 'day' and the impression made by the song urged me to search this out. The sound is smooth and moving at the same time.

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Listen to it..


What ever to say.. i've listen that album so many times.. This album with Shrieve's brothers und K. Schulze is great !! Great music, great melodies.. and one great track "view from the window".. but you have to discover it by yourself !