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Wrecking Ball

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Wrecking Ball album cover
Wrecking Ball
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Total Tracks: 1   Total Length: 3:43

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Wrecking Ball


Though she has stirred quite a bit of controversy, Wrecking Ball is a testament to her great talent. Miley's vocals rival some of the greatest artist of the new millennium.

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Trainwreck, more like it


Unlistenable and bombastic train wreck.

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Wrecking Ball


Having generally ignored Miley, I admit I downloaded this song purely because of the MTV hype. I like this song. I like her voice. Too bad about her desire for shock value. She can better I think.

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More than just nudity or impulsive VMA performance


I wish people would stop and listen to the lyrics to this song. It's a poignant retelling of a broken or co-dependant relationship falling apart because of bad choices on both parties. The video, if you must include it, is full of symbolism. The white of purity getting dirtied in a messy break-up. Her semi, but hidden nudity in the video symbolizes vulnerability. It's a shame this video and song are getting roasted because of her bad performance at the VMA's and because it features nudity, albeit completely hidden nudity."Oh my gosh, she's swinging nude on a wrecking ball!" Really? Is this really 2013? Sure it's titillation, but as if Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" is not titillation as well as misogynistic. This song is miles better than Blurred Lines and I don't even like Miley. Never were my kids into Hanna Montana and there is not another song I like of hers. I hate "We can't Stop", but wrecking Ball should be the summer hit, NOT Blurred Lines...

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