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Rio Grande Blood

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Rio Grande Blood album cover
Rio Grande Blood
Señor Peligro
Artist: Ministry featuring Sgt. Major
Fear (Is Big Business)
Lies Lies Lies
The Great Satan Remix
Yellow Cake
Ass Clown
Artist: Ministry featuring Jello Biafra
Khyber Pass
Sgt. Major Redux
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Total Tracks: 11   Total Length: 51:17

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Absolutely Not


Just go back and listen to A Mind and rebember the greatness cause this ain't it.

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Ok but not as good as last sucker


Its ok. I dont regret downloading, but its nowhere near as good as "The last sucker". If you are new to ministry, start there...

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I wish people would stop picking on W. After all, he is the 43rd best President of all time! Great album, fun! Bush would be the anti-Christ if he were more popular. "Stupid is as stupid does."

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Ok... Ignore the bad reviews here by pseudo-intellectuals wanting to have some fun at RnR's expense. Great album, only miss track is the one w/ the guy from mail call or whatever. Not a marine fan, sorry. The rest is prime ministry, and a great listen. Nothing beats the samples, either. still funny, even after a year of having this...

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Like annoying vocal samples? Like idiot 9/11 conspiracies put behind a rejected beats from Dark Side Of The Spoon? Then you'll love Rio Grande Blood. Just get Land Of Rape And Honey, you'll be better off.

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Soon to be dated...


Only a few months left until this Bush bashing slop is dated and silly. I love their music, but hate their psuedo-political nonsense. Bush is "Satan and Hitler and the anti-Christ put together" is just tired. No doubt these geniuses can figure out solutions to all the world's problems while nodding out with heroin needles in their arms, and their guts full of cheap liquor-ha ha!

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Better, Harder, Forever


As a long time lover of Ministry, I bought this as soon as it came out last year. Harder, faster, heavier, it goes above and beyond Psalm 69.Favourites include Senor Peligro, and Gangreen

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God yes!


Ministry going at it hard! These guys have never lost their edge. If you like this the remix album Rio Grande Dub(ya) is even better!

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lies lies lies


Like a good bottle of Scotch, Ministry just gets better with age.

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Al is back with a vengence!


This one made me dig up all of my Ministry and play over and over for weeks. Powerful. The only viable description.

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They Say All Music Guide

Outraged, out of control, and a little bit out of ideas, Ministry unleashes their second attack on President George W. Bush with Rio Grande Blood, number two in Al Jourgensen’s promised Bush-hating trilogy, which when finished will bring his Ministry project to a close. The manipulated Bush samples and hate-filled revolution lyrics utilized on 2004′s great Houses of the Molé are back, and if there’s an easy way to differentiate that album from what is essentially Molé, Pt. 2, it’s the contribution Prong guitarist Tommy Victor makes to this edition of Ministry, giving Rio Grande Blood a tauter crunch, a sharper thrash. Victor’s influence extends past the tracks he appears on, as evidenced by the opening title track, which finds Jourgensen creating a Prong-ish juggernaut on his lonesome. While lumbering numbers like “Fear (Is Big Business)” and “Yellow Cake” will do little to attract new fans — and the reappearance of the Rantology compilation’s “The Great Satan” feels like a cheat — there’s plenty of that smart, topical bile that’s uniquely Jourgensen to steady the album. Vicious thrash-punk of the highest order, “Lieslieslies” isn’t afraid to question the “truth” about 9/11 and the way “Gangreen” parodies the Marines’ cry of “Ooh-rah!” makes it a charming moment for pipe-bomb revolutionaries. If they happened to skip the last full-length, Ministry fanatics would do well to start here and then work their way up to the superior Houses of the Molé. Save a couple brilliant tracks, this is just the usual “satisfying follow-up.” – David Jeffries

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