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First Demo Tape

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First Demo Tape album cover
Minor Threat
Stand Up
Seeing Red
Bottled Violence
Small Man, Big Mouth
Straight Edge
Guilty of Being White
I Don't Want to Hear It
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Total Tracks: 8   Total Length: 8:55

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This goes out to everybody!


An amazing piece of work, if you can't find the complete discography, at least pick up all you can from emusic. Just remember, that they are not telling you how to live, they are just bringing up a few things that are so important to this world.

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almost as precious as your musty, dusty family album... you've seen it a jillion times before, but the older it gets, the more dear it becomes. remember how these tracks changed your life... now think about these kids, so honed and focused... what a staggering thing to achieve this purity at ANY stage of your life. a talisman of digital glory. i can only imagine new generations hearing this for the first time... do yourself a favor; research this band, and marvel at the lives of the least self-destructive punks ever, and steel yourself to your own hyper-focused, pathless path...

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as good as it gets


this is hardcore punk at its finest. the essence of the genre. if you like punk rock or anything that evolved from it, you're practically obliged to own (and enjoy!) these amazing songs.

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They Say All Music Guide

It’s amazing what one finds when looking for something else. While going through tape after tape putting together the 20 Years of Dischord box set, Ian MacKaye and company found these tapes that comprise the first recording session of the now legendary hardcore band Minor Threat. Granted, there are no new tracks here and no new revelations musically, but it is interesting to hear the playing progression from these demos to the tracks that actually made release (which can be found on the Complete Discography CD). A very cool view into the embryonic days and some rather hilarious pictures of the D.C. kids make this a very desirable item for fans of the band. – Chris True

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