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Black Mahogani 2

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Black Mahogani 2 album cover
When She Follows
Dirty Little bonus Beats
When She (Reprise)
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Total Tracks: 4   Total Length: 32:40

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great album


as is everything of Moodymann. But you can buy this for 2.99 on Amazon so don't pay double here.

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This is great. It has a laid back jazz feel to it (for me at least) and though it doesn't sound as busy, it reminds me a lot of Jaga Jazzist. The first track is excellent - I'm still making my way through the rest.

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So What ?


You're right this is not House ! BUT WHAT AN AMAZING RECORD ! IT IS LIKE HAVING A BATH IN WARM CHOCOLATE. "Black Mahogani 2" is a masterpiece of Jazz, and also a Masterpiece of Open Minded Electronic Music. Thank You Kenny Dixon Jr for exploring the soul of Black Music that way !

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"house is a feeling"


and im always feeling Moodyman. dont listen to narrow minded reviewers saying that "house TENDS to follow patterns..." eff that. if it all sounded like the same pattern, who would like that? Moodyman strips away all the icing and uneatable little candies and leaves us with a warm slab of chocolate fudge cake. Moodyman IS house.. at it's purest and finest. This one's just a bit loose on the 4/4 bottom end. call it whatever you want. i call it GOOD.

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Nu Jazz/Deep House Niceties


If you like stuff coming out of Europe under the Nu Jazz moniker, your familar with Compost Records, then you'll dig this. Shades of deep house, Herbaliser, Koop, Zero7. It's smooth and nice.

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Not House


Yep, not House.

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NOT house


not bad. but it ain't house... more like progressive acid jazz.

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I hate jazz


So I'm not loving this. Why is this in the HOUSE section?? House tends to follow specific patterns. This is not house.

They Say All Music Guide

The only genuine connection between Black Mahogani and Black Mahogani 2 is that the same person is responsible for both releases. The first Black Mahogani, released earlier in 2004, was the fifth in a series of quasi-compilations from Kenny Dixon, Jr. that wickedly interlaced loose ends of the producer’s vinyl releases with some new tracks. Black Mahogani 2, put out just a few months after the predecessor, contains four tracks that clock in at just over half an hour. The opening cut is a circular soul-jazz jam that lasts nearly 18 minutes. Over a drum kit, standup bass, and electric piano — along with traces of alto sax and string-sample smears — Dixon intones a few lines in whispers. It’s so subdued that the group who laid it down could’ve been keeping the energy level low enough to be respectful to the passed-out stragglers in the lounge it might’ve been recorded in. The following “Rectify” is relatively succinct; there’s a little more pop in the bassline. “Dirty Little Bonus Beats” is a brief extension that allows the drums and piano to flex just a little more, and “When She (Reprise)” adds a little more percolating energy. – Andy Kellman

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