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Fxdt til e herske

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Fxdt til e herske album cover
Fxdt til e herske (pt. 1)
Fxdt til e herske (pt. 2)
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Total Tracks: 2   Total Length: 53:00

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The best of the early stuff


Mortiis first three albums - this one plus "Andem Som Gjorde Oppror" and "Keiser Av En Dimensjon Ukjent," which are not available here - represent Mortiis at his most interesting and original. Dark, frightening and evocative, with very little of the cheese that started creeping in with "Crypt of the Wizard," this album influenced both dark ambient and black metal for the next decade after its release.

They Say All Music Guide

This is an American reissue of Mortiis’ first solo record. This is dark, dark, dark DARKwave ambient music that brings to mind a cold weather midnight sun ritual looking over an expansive fjord. Ghoulish goblin Mortiis conjures eerie Viking minimalism of his synthesizer. Extreme Norwegian mood music. – Tom Schulte