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Saints of Los Angeles

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Saints of Los Angeles album cover
Face Down In The Dirt
What's It Gonna Take
Down At The Whisky
Saints of Los Angeles (Gang Vocal)
Mutherfucker of the Year
The Animal In Me
Welcome To The Machine
Just Another Psycho
Chicks = Trouble
This Ain't A Love Song
White Trash Circus
Goin' Out Swingin'
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Total Tracks: 13   Total Length: 44:03

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About time to pull a Kiss and just tour the hits


Sorry but Motley is about as relevant and fresh as.... I don't have a finish for that actually. Motley have become a little like Ozzy, once great but now just holding on waiting for the death rattle and the moment where it costs more to tour than you make. I think they should stick to Kiss and Poisons business model or stay home. I mean people will always want to hear the hits, but new material just not in the cards.

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Pick two


Download songs 2 and 5.

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Not that Bad....


It sounds like Motley to me, I'm not sure what you some of you guys are looking for. Is it Shout at the Devil? No, but it isn't Generation Swine either. I'd like to hear them get a little edgier and punk like Too Fast and Shout, but this is more like Dr. Feelgood. Some of the songs sound like fillers, but then the same could be said for a lot of albums. Try it if you pine for the late '80's, it's alright.

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Wow.....and not in a good way!


This sounds horrible. The recording is awful all of the tracks sound like they bleed together. Then add to it that the songs all sound the same, and Vince's voice has definitely seen better days. When I was in high school they were great, but sounds like they lost what made their sound good.

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Motley BOO


Eeeek this is a horrible cd,it stinks.They have become a parody of themselves,no wonder they put out so many greatest hit collections.They should do a cover album so Vince could butcher other peoples songs for a change.The only good thing on here is "saints of l.a." the rest feels like filler.

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Finally, A Crue Album


First of all, I have to agree with SixxRoxx from Orlando on his statement of "Almost Great." This album is almost great. Some of the songs are a little redundant. Some don't seem to have enough oomph to them. But when all is said and done, this is the first real Crue album since Dr. Feelgood, and it's almost as good as that one. I love the title tune as well as "Down at the Whiskey," "White Trash Circus," and "Mutherfucker of the Year." In my opinion, those stand up to earlier classics. I was ecstatic about this album when it first came out, and I still am today. Here's to hopin' the Crue can produce more that, at the very least, will be as good as this one.

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Almost Great!


I like this record, but I think some of the songs needed more. I like: 3,4,5,6,7,9,11&12. But like many other Crue records maybe this will get better with age?

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the boys are back


man i love all motley crue stuff they rock

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the boys are back


I thought this was great...tight songs, great production, a rawer edge...the crue are back! last time these guys ruled the waves Chuck was skinny

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Classic Crue


I have been listening to the Crue for more years than I care to honestly think about. Let be honest, the albums after Dr. Feelgood, something was missing (besides just Vince and Tommy). Whatever went missing after Dr. Feelgood, is back in Saints of Los Angeles.

They Say All Music Guide

Since their last hit record, 1989′s Dr. Feelgood, Mötley Crüe fans have endured countless live albums, “greatest-hits” collections, reissues and B-sides packages, a record with John Corabi on vocals, one with Randy Castillo behind the kit and one with the original lineup that sank with barely a trace (1997′s Generation Swine). The most successful thing the band produced in those ensuing years was its tell-all autobiography, The Dirt, a story so drenched in sex, drugs, and rock & roll that it elicited a venereal disease and a contact high just through picking it up. That book is the impetus behind Saints of Los Angeles, the first record to feature the group’s original lineup since Swine, and it’s a welcome — though spotty — return to form for these aging miscreants. The Crüe are at their best when they mine the manic, punk-infused glam metal of the pre-saturated, mid-’80s Sunset Strip, something they get right on opening cut “Face Down in the Dirt,” complete with a Shout at the Devil-era, “In the Beginning”-inspired intro. “Down at the Whisky” echoes the West Coast excess of Girls, Girls, Girls, managing to wax both nostalgic and devious while dutifully summing up the band’s rise from local pranksters to international bad boys, while the rousing title cut, though a bit forced, manages to drum up the kind of chest-thumping bravado that sparked some of the best metal anthems of the late ’80s. Like all Crüe albums, things start to go south about halfway through, and while the performances and subject matter are as raucous and sadistic as the book upon which they’re based, it’s all a bit too deliberate. Mötley Crüe have been trumpeting their hedonism for so long and so loudly that it’s become more of a caricature than a way of life, and while Saints of Los Angeles is the best thing they’ve laid to tape since their codpiece heydays, it’s more of a walk down memory lane/Sunset Strip than a legitimate call to arms. – James Christopher Monger

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