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Too Fast For Love

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Too Fast For Love album cover
Live Wire
Come on and Dance
Public Enemy #1
Take Me to the Top
Piece of Your Action
Starry Eyes
Too Fast for Love
On With the Show
Toast Of The Town (Unreleased)
Tonight (Unreleased)
Too Fast For Love (Alternate Intro)
Stick To Your Guns (Unreleased)
Merry-Go-Round (Live)
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Total Tracks: 14   Total Length: 54:35

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10 seconds


10 seconds to love is on shout at the devil album

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Too Fast For Love


One of Motley's best and very underrated probably because it was their first and very cheaply done. Great tunes such as Piece of Your Action, On With The Show, Merry Go-Round, Public Enemy #1, and Starry Eyes!

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Great but


I might be mixing up my albums, but wasn't 10 Seconds to Love on this cd? I still think that's one of their best song, but I can't find on here (at least not by Motley Crue).

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A motley Crue indeed


This is Motley at their best, raw, sleazy, and loose. The material sounds amazing 30 years later, this is and will remain my favorite Motley Record. A band from the streets playing like it is their last performance, with just great material. A must have for any rock fan, no collection is complete or dangerous enough without it.

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Timeless ROCKERS!!!


This LP really has a timeless Hollywood feel - I was at the Whiskey the other day & while listening to it reminded me of days of seeing them there. The rawness & street feel of this LP just personifies the feelings many of felt during those times - Live Wire, Take me to the Top, Public Enemy #1 and on and on! MC Rocks!

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If you like it dirty


This album is just grubby. Raw, oozing oil and grease from a broken down old Harley, sputtering up onto the sidewalk of L.A.'s grungier night spots. To me this has always been true Crue, absent the slick, sleazy polish of the later albums, it's just good hard rock-n-roll. With more cowbells.

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Still Holds Up


Though I still think that "Shout at the Devil" is the better album, I understand why many people talk about this one as the best. Its got all the requisite pieces for a good proto-hair metal album, but with a punk sentiment that shines through the whole thing. Here, we have the Crue just belting out angst and rebellion in a raw and passionate fashion. And it never slows down. From the opening tones of "Live Wire," the album electrifies. And this is really the only one of the Crue albums where the added extras are worth it. I personally think this album could be released as a debut today and it would probably do better than it did originally.

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Wonderful raw sound of early Crue


Production is weak. Vince's vocals are hit and miss. But the attitude and aggression are through the roof. Excellent heavy metal classic.

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My favorite band of all-time, no contest . . .


. . . and this is where it all began. The adjectives I look for in rock music are raw, real, sleazy, chunky, heavy, dirty, punky, melodic, bad-ass - and this album and this band has all of those attributes in spades. Long live the Crue!!!

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A Classic Album!


This album should be included in any hard rock/heavy metal fans library. It also defined them as being a major influence on a lot of the material that came out in the decade of decadence known as the 80's.

They Say All Music Guide

On their debut album, Mötley Crüe essentially comes across as a bash-’em-out bar band, making up in enthusiasm what they lack in technical skill. Yet that’s part of the appeal of Too Fast for Love, a chance to hear the band without the glossy production of their later, most popular work, showcasing their down-and-dirty roots. The fact that pop-metal songwriting was not really a consideration helps the album come off as more genuinely trashy and sleazy, celebrating its own grime with exuberant zest. This is the Crüe playing it lean and mean, effortlessly capturing the tough swagger that often came off a bit more calculated in later years, and it’s one of their most invigorating records. [In 1999, the Crüe remastered and reissued Too Fast for Love on their own Motley/Beyond label with four bonus tracks: three interesting previously unreleased songs and a version of the title track with a different intro.] – Steve Huey

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