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Total Tracks: 9   Total Length: 51:48

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This really is nice! It's sparse but VERY interesting...Murcof keeps pulling these little subtle switches on you that tickle your ear and keep you smiling!

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It took a while


It took me a while to warm up to Murcof. After quite a few half listens I finally gave it my full unbiased attention and found out what's so good about this album. I highly recommend it for those occassions when you just want to be drawn away to a subtle place.

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Beautiful Sparse Construction


For such a precise sounding album, it comes as a pleasant surprise that 'Martes' manages to feel very warm and human sounding. The piano and strings do a wonderful job of adding depth and life into the tracks and they certainly make perfect use of the 'space' within the glitch/techno bedding of most tunes. One of the most beautiful and haunting albums I have had the pleasure of stumbling upon in recent years.

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Just Awesome


I am so glad Emusic acquired Murcof... I suggested it to them over a year ago after seeing a modern dance performance set to tracks from this album. The performance was ok but the music was so great I didn't even care what was happening on the stage. This music produces a dark and compelling atmosphere that will stay with you after just one listen!

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My wife and I heard this album while shopping in a Used CD shop in East Lansing and asked who it was. Dropped 15 dollars on the album (Import) and soon decided it was worth every penny. I absolutely love this album. This guy is good, and what he does is very difficult. Every beat/sound is laid down perfectly. Very moody, eerie, and smooth. Tons of cool noises, sounds, and loops. Download this album now and be ready to fall in love.

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ai ai ai


Just as good as Utopia, I love it I love it. Murcof evokes the most incredible atmospheres and soundscapes with his music. A must have record!

They Say All Music Guide

Fernando Corona had a stated purpose for his debut album as Murcof: Take contemporary composition and introduce it to the world of minimalist Mexican techno. Originally released only in Mexico in late 2001, Martes didn’t see broader distribution until the middle of 2002, when the Leaf label saw fit to reissue the record in North America and Europe. The album was quite a departure for Corona, already widely known in Mexico as Terrestre, whose decidedly funkier fusion of traditional norteño and electronica had already become a staple of Tijuana’s Nortec Collective. Martes (Spanish for “Tuesday”) is far afield of Terrestre’s bootylicious grooves. In this much more intimate affair, Corona isolates the smallest elements of select classical works, such as a plucked string, one bow length across a cello, or a furious pound on a piano’s keyboard, and integrates them with beats similar to those programmed by Morr Music or blip-hop artists. The result is a moody recontextualization of contemporary classical music, in which, though dismembered, the original pieces find new life and space to breathe while somehow maintaining their original mood. – Bryan Carroll

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