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Loveless album cover
Only Shallow
To Here Knows When
When You Sleep
I Only Said
Come In Alone
Blown A Wish
What You Want
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Total Tracks: 11   Total Length: 48:37

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Douglas Wolk


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My Bloody Valentine, Loveless
2003 | Label: Rhino/Warner Bros.

When My Bloody Valentine's Loveless arrived in late 1991, it was shockingly fresh, an overwhelming, densely beautiful record that seemed to bear almost no relation to anything that had come before it. Within months, baby bands started springing up that had clearly been inspired by Loveless to make music along the same lines; MBV's torrential live performances only added to their legend, and so did the recorded silence that followed the album (punctuated only by… read more »

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you must hear


like Sonic Youth or The Flaming Lips, if you put on a disk by MBV, you are going to get somebody's attention. the music just kinda grabs most people in a place they don't get grabbed often enough. you can be listening to Ummagumma, or something as contemporary as King of Limbs, but you are going to pay tribute to Loveless eventually....might as well get it now.

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I saw one their member @ Foothill Collenge! I almost saw them live, I like the band!!

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Better than you know


This album is more influential than most realize. It set the trend for shoegaze and a good chunk of modern rock.

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Dense noise with actual songs buried in there


Chugging guitars, keening riffs and a hail of feedback make this the heavy, slower answer to the Jesus and Mary Chain. They've got dark things on their mind, but there's some snarky humor in there as well. Hints at catchy pop dart in and out of the stew. As with their first album, it really catches your ears and holds on. Very abstract, but also accessible. One of the better albums of its type.

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The Sonic Template for a Genre


Classic Shoegazing. There's a reason a whole generation of "nu-gaze" bands try to emulate the sound and vibe of this album - it's that good. Play LOUD.

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Simply . . .


. . . Beautiful . . .

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"Essential" is a cliche, but....


this is one of the fundamentals. Why? It's the most mind-bendingly luscious slab of guitar architecture ever crafted.

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One of the best


I never gave gaze its proper due until I heard this album. An amazing piece of art that will live for many years on my playlist.

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Can't believe


I waited so long to get my own copy. Download now, then go download "The Depreciation Guild" for some 'newgaze' circa 2009

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....what they said....

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They Say All Music Guide

Isn’t Anything was good enough to inspire an entire scene of My Bloody Valentine sound-alikes, but Loveless’ greatness proved that the band was inimitable. After two painstaking years in the studio and nearly bankrupting their label Creation in the process, the group emerged with their masterpiece, which fulfilled all of the promise of their previous albums. If Isn’t Anything was the Valentines’ sonic blueprint, then Loveless saw those plans fleshed out, in the most literal sense: “Loomer,” “What You Want,” and “To Here Knows When”‘s arrangements are so lush, they’re practically tangible. With its voluptuous yet ethereal melodies and arrangements, Loveless intimates sensuality and sexuality instead of stating them explicitly; Kevin Shields and Bilinda Butcher’s vocals meld perfectly with the trippy sonics around them, suggesting druggy sex or sexy drugs. From the commanding “Only Shallow” and “Come in Alone” to breathy reflections like “Sometimes” and “Blown a Wish,” the album balances complexity and immediately memorable pop melodies with remarkable self-assurance, given its difficult creation. But Loveless doesn’t just perfect the group’s approach, it also hints at their continuing growth: “Soon” fuses the Valentines’ roaring guitars with a dance-inspired beat, while the symphonic interlude “Touched” suggests an updated take on Fripp and Eno’s pioneering guitar/electronics experiments. These glimpses into the band’s evolution make Shields’ difficulty in delivering a follow-up to Loveless even more frustrating, but completely understandable — the album’s perfection sounded shoegazing’s death-knell and raised expectations for the next My Bloody Valentine album to unreasonably high levels. Though Shields’ collaborations with Yo La Tengo, Primal Scream, J Mascis, and others were often rewarding, they were no match for Loveless. However, as My Bloody Valentine fans — and, apparently, Shields himself — will attest, nothing is. – Heather Phares

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