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Tear It Down

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Tear It Down album cover
Golden Star (Alias)
3:20   $0.99
Workhorse (Lusine)
4:35   $0.99
Freak Out (Gold Chains Panique mix)
5:47   $0.99
Disappear (Stakka)
4:05   $0.99
Dragonfly (Murcof)
5:56   $0.99
Magic Rabbit (Alfred Brown)
5:24   $0.99
Freak Out (DJ Kenny Mitchell REWIND 93 REMIX featuring nimnomadic)
7:11   $0.99
We Were Sparkling (Haruki)
3:09   $0.99
Something of an End (David Keith - NC47)
6:04   $0.99
Gone Away (David Michael Stith)
5:46   $0.99
The Good and The Bad Guy (Siamese Sisters)
6:42   $0.99
Gone Away (Strings of Consciousness)
3:42   $0.99
Disappear (Wheat to Whiskey mix by Cedar AV)
6:16   $0.99
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Total Tracks: 13   Total Length: 67:57

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A sweet-voiced chanteuse with a penchant for the Notorious B.I.G. and a record collection full of Nina Simone, there's no easy way to pigeonhole Emily Wells. Tracing the entomology of her music's toy pianos, bells, guitars and looped violins would be a Herculean task — with roots in her high school infatuation with jazz, hip-hop and her parents well-trod record collections. Unafraid of reinvention, Wells's third full-length Mama contains hints of her folk-friendly debut Beautiful Sleepyhead… more »

They Say All Music Guide

Since Shara Worden released a remix EP with her previous project, Awry, it only seems fitting that My Brightest Diamond should get the remix treatment, too. Tear It Down turns over Bring Me the Workhorse’s tracks to a bevy of sonic manipulators, most of whom go with a subtle, stripped-down approach that focuses on Worden’s glorious voice and string arrangements, augmented by a few abstract beats. Even within this fairly restrained palette, there’s quite a bit of variety, especially on Tear It Down’s best tracks. Alias’ serene reworking of “Golden Star” is a standout, as is Lusine’s remix of “Workhorse,” which sets Worden’s voice afloat on intertwining keyboard melodies. Siamese Sisters turn “The Good Guy and the Bad Guy” into pretty post-rock, while the Strings of Consciousness’ “Gone Away” is actually more of a collaboration than a straight remix; the group contributed crunchy beats and twangy guitars that sound like a more deconstructed version of Portishead’s “Sour Times,” and Worden sang a new vocal melody. A few remixes are a little too quiet for their own good, such as Alfred Brown’s “Magic Rabbit” and Haruki’s “We Were Sparkling”; the fact that several of these quieter tracks appear back to back on the album makes Tear It Down come dangerously close to numbing instead of hypnotic. Fortunately, Gold Chains and DJ Kenny Mitchell chip in a couple of lively, but very different, dance mixes of Bring Me the Workhorse’s fiercest track, “Freak Out.” Gold Chains’ “Freak Out (Panique Mix)” buzzes with electro-inspired energy, while Mitchell’s “Freak Out (Rewind 93 Remix)” has a glowstick-friendly retro feel. Like most remix albums, Tear It Down is a little uneven, but it’s more solidly entertaining than many similar projects — and at the very least, it offers My Brightest Diamond fans a fresh way to enjoy Worden’s work. – Heather Phares

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