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It Still Moves

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It Still Moves album cover
Master Plan
One Big Holiday
I Will Sing You Songs
Easy Morning Rebel
Run Thru
Rollin' Back
Just One Thing
Steam Engine
One in the Same
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Total Tracks: 12   Total Length: 71:43

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Corey duBrowa


The logical synthesis of the Flaming Lips’ lysergic fever dreams and Allman Brothers’ chops-flaunting excursions to the center of your mind.
Label: ATO Records

Reverb. Neil Young sucking down a joint while warbling about the lonely ladies of the Laurel Canyon. More reverb. The netherworld where the Black Crowes'bulimic bad-ass boogie collides with Music from Big Pink. Still more reverb. Dave Gilmour on holiday in Ibiza, comfortably numb and obscured by clouds. The Church of the Sacred Reverb, led by your pastor, the Reverend Jim James. Glory to you, reverb.

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Goodness it's great.


Well, I tell you, even the sample of I Will Sing You Songs puts me in a different frame of mind. Can you feel that silky sound on the back of your neck, I can. And One Big Holiday? OMG, that was my first favorite MMJ. Golden is crisp and thoughtful. Run Thru has something that I can't put words to, but I love. Mahgeetah makes me jump up and down and skip. Damn, I just played the I will sing you songs track again and well this is a fantastic album. You'll be pleased if you add it to your collection.

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grand effort


Still my favorite MMJ album. The band strikes a great balance between Tennesee fire and Evil Urges.

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Not sure


How anyone could listen to "One Big Holiday" and not want to hear more of these guys. Epic. Check out the Conan performance in the YouTube clips, best late night performance I've ever seen.

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Great album


This is an amazing album, full of good songwriting, hooks, musicianship and great singing. I'm 63 years old and have listened to and enjoyed a LOT of rock/pop music in my time. MMJ is the first group I've REALLY gotten excited about in a looong time. They have a freshness I find lacking in most modern music. My wife loves them too. We're going to see them live first chance we get.

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Much like the bear on the cover


This album is a beast from top to bottom with nothing but great songs. If you love alt-country or freak folk, then this is for you. It's probably my favorite MMJ album so far. Best songs for me are "I Will Sing You Songs,"Just One Thing," "Master Plan," and "One in the Same." But every song on here is really a winner, and different strokes for different folks; some of you will like the other ones more than my personal favorites. It's just all around great. If you've never heard of MMJ, download on impulse, and prepare to download their full catalog.

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Some Great Jams Here


Many songs on this album have extended jams at the end of the song where the band really shines. The jam at the end of Dancefloors reminds me of Little Feat, another great band with Country influences. One Big Holiday is definitely this album's centerpiece and features really great guitar. They manage to make I Will Sing You Songs last a lot longer than it has to. Easy Morning Rebel is a pretty good alt-country tune and Run Thru is another great jam. The problem comes at the end of the album. Everything seems to get real slow on the last 4 tracks. This album would be just fine without a few of these slower songs. As it is, it's too long at over 71 minutes, and ends with a whimper instead of a bang. Still, when it's good it's really good.

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Just download


I absolutely love this album, and am really glad that eMusic has added the My Morning Jacket catalog. Dancefloors is a great alt/country jam. Masterplan and Run Thru are great songs too, especially with the fake out that Run Thru pulls at about the 3:40 mark. Just download the whole thing and enjoy.

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This is a great album and "Magheetah" is my favorite MMJ song, but Z is a much stronger record...get that one first. As for the best jam ever, that's a stretch, but the reviewer who suggest Gov't Mule as a substitute -- get real. The Mule is just for noodling and hear has an "a" in it.

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Best jam ever? WOW...not even close. "To each" I guess. Check out Gov't Mule if you wanna here a jam.

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This is such a strong album. I never tire of it and after a year and a half it is still growing on me. Z made me fall in love with MMJ, It Still Moves ensured the relationship would be neverending. Songs like Golden, One Big Holiday and Steam Engine are pure class. And it is painful to pick three.

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It’s a beautiful thing to know that Brian Wilson is still alive and well in the kingdom of indie rock. My Morning Jacket’s third full-length effort, and first for the ATO/RCA venture label, is a step beyond the band’s work for Darla. While the gorgeous amalgam of the Band’s vision of country/Americana and Neil Young’s blend of folk and rock are everywhere present, there is a new textural awareness evident on It Still Moves. Jim James’ songwriting is tighter in structure, but his production sensibility is early-’70s Laurel Canyon, with some of the Grateful Dead’s American Beauty tropes as well. Sounds like a mess, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. Wearing your influences on your sleeve doesn’t mean unoriginality. James is an original songwriter; he has worked hard to develop the gifts inherent in his lyric concerns and his ability to paint emotional landscapes with his melodies, and the payoff has never been greater. “Mahgeetah,” with its Pet Sounds ambience and country-rock melody — complete with fuzzed-out guitar solo — is far more imaginative than anything Wilco ever pulled off by trying the same thing (which they do over and over ad nauseam). “Dancefloors,” with its biting Telecaster lead line that echoes “Baby Don’t Do It” and the Stray Gators’ country majesty, is full of warmth, depth, and Levon Helm’s soul. And “Golden,” which is the third track in this opening triad, brings James’ love of Tim Buckley and Fred Neil into the light. But all of these elements of construction are read through James’ Kentucky and his unique melodic gift, where fragments becomes entire lines become songs with stunning bridges, achingly poetic lyrics, and a country boy’s sense of whacked-out humor and tenderness (check out “One Big Holiday”). The horn arrangements on “Easy Morning Rebel” make the country shuffle into a near R&B tune with an old-timey stroll through a shambolic rhythm track. In all, My Morning Jacket may be a journey through the past, but it’s also a solid step into something rock & roll has been missing for an awfully long time in the mainstream arena: melody, extremely catchy and well-written songs that aren’t afraid of the mainstream, and a love of the great pop continuum that translates into something new. – Thom Jurek

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