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I on U

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I on U album cover
Blue Passion
I on U
Timeless Motion
The Chamber
Urban Angel
Moon Dust
Loner's Dream
Burning Bridges
It Will Happen
Taken There
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Total Tracks: 12   Total Length: 60:24

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i on u


the entire album is mind blowing so make sure u hear it when biking or surfing or skating.

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Gives you the space you need


Neal Schon playing guitar gives me space and the feel of flying. It's outstanding and is amongst the best in guitar instrumental.

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It's ok...


The guitar playing is obviously spectacular. It's the processed music in the background that grates on me, ie; drum machine instead of a real drummer,etc. It's hard to get past that. I actually prefer his other solo albums over this one.

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Very Lyrical Guitar playing


I love Neal's vocal like quality to his lead playing, as well as great tone, he's been a favorite of mine since his days at age 16, in Santana's band, and of course Journey

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What a diverse and incredible gem of an album. I cannot say how impressed I am. The guitar playing is deep and sensual. Simply a GREAT Album, CD, Download, whatever. Enjoy!!

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Just my kind of music....


...a combination of rock, pop, funk, easy listening, electronic, ambient, and a bit of a dance beat in some tracks.... LOVE it. Who thought an electric guitar could make a person feel so relaxed? I have always liked Journey, so I had to check out what this guy could do on his own. Not disappointed.

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Guitar Wizzard!


The Journeyman has is best solo album to date. In the past, his solo album in the 90's were new age(ish). This is pure rock without the over the top like Vai or Satriani. Get this you will love it.

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Nice Instumental Album


Very entertaining. I've heard plenty of Neal Schon playing with groups like Journey, and Santana, but this is the first solo album I've heard by him. Me like. This particular album sounds a lot like Joe Satrianis' "The Extremist". Two thumbs up.

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My kind of music!


This may be the best thing I've downloaded from eMusic so far. I am a fan of instrumental rock and blues, and this is an excellent example of a quality guitarist showing his stuff, without bad vocals and bad poetry ruining it!

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Best Guitar I've Heard In A While SDP MUSIC


You gonna love this CD. Best CD Schon has put out since "Beyond The Thunder" in 1995.Great guitar licks.If you like guitar music download this. Schon is up there with Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, & Joe Satriani.

They Say All Music Guide

One must give credit where it is due to Steve Vai and his imprint, Favored Nations. Like CMC International is to hair metal, Vai has assembled some of the most revered guitar shredders of the ’80s and ’90s and given them a safe home to roam freely and express their creative visions, without having the normal pressures of record labels hanging over their heads. The latest to join the family is Journey axe-slinger Neal Schon, who returns to the solo light after being away for several years. What’s noticeably different right away is the sense of composition that was lacking in several of Schon’s previous solo releases. Though the playing, guitar tones, and technical wizardry are clearly Schon, the influence of Vai and Satriani freely run throughout and make their presence known. This presence runs translucently from the album’s opener, “Blue Passion” (which sounds like it could be a thoughtful response to Satriani’s “Flying in a Blue Dream”), all the way until the end. The gentle keyboard washes and pads further reinforce this notion, but on the title track they almost bring Schon into dramatic new age territory. I on U runs a bit long in the tooth, but compensates by being solid, with barely any moments that could be regarded as filler. It’s a nice return to form after a few solo slip-ups, and die-hard fans of Schon and his guitar solos in his other projects will find this to be a nice addition to their collections. – Rob Theakston

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